its time to rethink blue monday

Last year we published a blog post in which Bruce (one of our brand ambassadors) explained his fight against Mental Health illness. Read here if you missed it. Since then, Bruce has been working very hard on himself and his future. Find out how he’s been getting on and what he’s been up to here.

Following on from this prompt we have officially partnered up this year with the mental health charity Rethink to help raise awareness and support where possible. We’ll be supporting them with their campaigns and a special Rethink x SG collab might be coming this year. Keep your eyes peeled 👀👀

The first Rethink campaign of 2018 is #BrightBlueMonday. For those of you that don’t know what ‘Blue Monday’ is – It’s a name given to a day in January (usually the third Monday of the month) claimed to be the most depressing day of the year. This ‘day’ was created in 2005 as a PR stunt by a holiday company , however, now, is used by many marketeers to prey on customers to increase January sales.

Peer Q (Digital Manager) of Rethink explains in his blog post –

” I, like one in four of the population, experience periods of acute anxiety and depression and have done so since my early teens. I don’t need to wake up on the third Monday of January to be told that today I am going to feel even more depressed than normal and that I should book a bargain basement flight to sunnier climes……”

We agree with Peer and Rethink, it’s insensitive to people suffering from mental illness and an absurd way of marketing, wrong in many ways. We strongly disagree with #bluemonday !

One day of the year isn’t any more depressing than another for someone suffering from mental health illness. Yes, there are good days and bad but, ultimately, you’re either suffering or not. So, lets show our support for those who are suffering and change #bluemonday to #BrightBlueMonday !

Here’s how we’re going to do it:

  • Wear something bright, or something that makes you happy – We’ll be out riding in our favourite, bright SG kit of course!
  • Brighten someone’s day – Get creative!
  • Text RETHINK to 70300 to donate £3 to Rethink Mental Illness
  • Share photos on social media and #BrightBlueMonday

If you’d like to help share our message of hope and support, why not download the Bright Blue Monday poster and put it up in your cycling club, workplace, school or local cafe!

If you would like further information about Bright Blue Monday or other ways you can get involved, please contact or telephone 020 7840 3040