Let adventure lead the way, with the Stolen Goat autumn collection…

The season turns and a fresh perspective rolls in with the changing weather. A chance to explore new horizons. To embrace the unexpected showers and the unpredictable weather. To see detours as opportunities. To take a moment to slow down and notice as the leaves change and the breeze cools. Let adventure lead the way this autumn, and freedom will follow…

Our autumn collection is here to help you Adventure More throughout the autumn months. From our lightweight  Ibex jerseys for the last of the warmer rides, to our ultimate all-weather ready Kiko range here to solve the eternal cyclists’ conundrum: what to wear when the weather is weird. Our autumn cycling collection gives you everything you need to keep the good times rolling.

Freedom to ride. Freedom to explore. Freedom to adventure. Where will your autumn rides take you?


Women's Ibex Bodyline Short Sleeve Jersey

Women's Ibex Bodyline Long-Sleeved Jersey

Women's Kiko Gilet

Women's Kiko Bodyline Bib Tights

Women's Kiko Thermal Long-Sleeved Base Layer

Women's Kiko Long Sleeved Jersey

Women's MTB Enduro Jacket

Women's Kiko Waterproof Jacket

Women's Orkaan Bib Shorts

Women's Orkaan Bib Tights

Women's Kiko Hoodie

Women's Adventure Down Jacket

Womens MTB Shorts

Womens MTB Long Sleeve Jersey


Men's Ibex Bodyline Short Sleeve Jersey

Men's Ibex Bodyline Long-Sleeved Jersey

Men's Kiko Gilet

Men's Kiko Bodyline Tights

Men's Kiko Long-Sleeved Thermal Base Layer

Men's Kiko Long Sleeved Jersey

Men's MTB Enduro Jacket

Men's Kiko Waterproof Jacket

Men's Orkaan Bib Shorts

Men's Kiko Hoodie

Men's Adventure Down Jacket

Mens MTB Shorts

Mens MTB Long Sleeve Jersey


Thermal Headband

MTB Socks

Waterproof Caps

Ass Savers

Kiko Knee Warmers

Orkaan Leg Warmers

Lightweight Gloves

Lightweight Cycling Caps

Kiko Arm Warmers

Bandido - Neck Warmer

Coolmax Socks - Crew Cut