Keep smiling this winter, stay warm and dry on the bike with a good winter cycling jacket.

Why do we cycle?……..Because we enjoy it!

So why suffer unnecessarily in winter by not wearing the appropriate cycling clothing? Stubbornly not wearing a jacket doesn’t make you ‘manlier’, just foolish. By getting a cold, you could set your training back a minimum of 2 weeks. So why jeopardise your hard work?

If we cycle because we enjoy it………. make sure you enjoy it! Don’t accept being cold or wet on your rides, buy a good quality winter cycling jacket that is waterproof and that will keep you warm. You will enjoy your rides much more!

Our Climb & Conquer winter cycling jackets encourage any rider to just get out and ride. Cold or wet are terms that won’t cross your mind when you’re out cycling with this jacket. With a performance fit and a soft, warm, Roubaix inside lining, this jacket can be worn with a base layer or multiple layers if it’s seriously cold out. The cut of our jackets is short at the front (to stop unnecessary material bunching up) and longer on the back (to cover your lower back, preventing cold and wet).

Unlike other jackets on the market, our cycling jackets are made from Tempest Protect, an insulating, windproof & waterproof fabric. Other manufacturers apply a waterproof coating to non-waterproof materials to make their jackets. Which is cheaper to produce, but, after a certain number of washes this waterproof ‘coating’ is no more. Our jackets will not loose their waterproofing properties.

So what are you waiting for? Enjoy riding in Winter!

Climb & Conquer – Mens

Climb & Conquer – Womens