Yesterday we launched an all-new collaboration product with World Bicycle Relief…. The Zambian Zebra Bandido, to match the men’s and women’s jerseys.

The Bandido is an incredibly versatile accessory that can be used all year round and has a multitude of ways in which it can be used. Great for covering the neck, face and ears during the colder months and cleverly engineered to work well in the warmer months too, wicking away moisture and keeping the sun off your skin.

Back in 2018, we pledged to help raise enough money for World Bicycle Relief to send at least 100 Buffalo Bikes to Africa. We are nearly halfway there already thanks to your support!

You can see our progress here >>

Our first product was the Turbo Towel, then we launched the Zambian Zebra and Hustle Bodyline jerseys and now a Bandido – All profits from these products are donated to the cause. We are extremely proud to be collaborating with WBR and we hope that you fellow goats can continue to help us reach our goal. Every £120 raised is another life-changing bicycle donated.

See our World Bicycle Relief page for more info. There you will find a little about what WBR do, all of our collab products and a link to the donation page.


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