cycling cap

Today, Thursday 23rd July 2020 Stolen Goat added three new cycling cap designs to their lightweight cycling cap collection.

Here at Stolen Goat, we love those all-important little extras… mitts, warmers, socks and caps…. oh how we love a good cycling cap.

Our light weight cycling caps are not the conventional cotton-based cap. Instead, ours are super stretchy, Italian made polyester caps that perfectly mould to the shape of your head and fit neatly and comfortably under a helmet…. no thick, rigid material here.

There are so many great features in our cycling caps, here is a quick list.


  • Super breathable – Keeping your head at optimum temperature…. cool in the summer and insulated during the cooler days.
  • Soft & Stretchy – One size fits all… these caps are soft to touch and perfectly mould to the contour of your head no matter what size or shape.
  • Thin, Durable & Lightweight – Made from polyester which means our caps are as thin as it gets… making them super breathable and so lightweight that you forget you are wearing it.
  • Anti-bacterial Taped Band – Covers stitching for better comfort and stops moisture from dripping down.
  • Elasticated Rear – Keeps the cap in place with the right amount of pressure.
  • Strong & Secure Peak – A strong and secure peak that allows you to ride peak up or peak down all day however you fancy.

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