King of the Mountain Goat Choco Beans

We all know that cycling and coffee go hand in hand. But unless you carry around an Espresso filled Thermos on your bike, it’s tricky to sustain your caffeine addiction whilst putting the miles in.

We have solved this major problem by creating King of the Mountain Goat Choco Beans.

While stocks last, we are giving away a pack of Coffee Beans covered in Dark Chocolate with every suitable* order.

These beans pack a punch and taste (and smell) glorious. The Stolen Goat branded packet fits in your pocket or saddle bag so that you can easily take them out with you, although I doubt you’ll get far with them uneaten! Share them with your buddies if you’re feeling strong or eat them before you reach the next col on your way to work.

To get a pack, simply buy something! Enjoy :-)


*we will put them in with every order unless the packaging/item makes them an unsuitable addition. e.g. we probably wouldn’t put a pack of chocolate in with a tightly packed A3 Art print!