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If you are an avid member of The Herd you will have seen that this year we introduced two NEW cycle clothing ranges… Epic and the Climbers collection.

Our ‘bread and butter’ will always be the Bodyline range. It’s everything a cyclist could want, its breathable, aero, super comfortable and is packed with loads of great features that the everyday cyclist needs. It’s a great range and is here to stay. But, we recognise that some riders need more, there are specific situations where maybe the Bodyline isn’t quite right and that is why we have created this blog post.

The Stolen Goat Climbers Collection 2020

The Brief & the thinking behind the range

We have a lot of friends and followers from all corners of the world and we want to cater to each and every person and country as best we can. Our Goal is to inspire you to find FREEDOM through cycling and sport so that you can live a healthier, happier life. And we need to do that whatever the weather and whatever the sport……

We offer an incredible selection of cold-weather garments… water-resistant jerseys, jackets, gilets, rain jackets, rain caps and various water-repellent accessories to match but for warm/hot weather conditions we only offer Bodyline… until now. Bodyline is great and we all know it, but for our friends in Mallorca for example, that spend all day every day climbing in the sun, something even more breathable and supportive would be beneficial.

The Brief: To create a cycle clothing range that offers supreme breathability to keep you feeling fresh no matter how many hours you’ve have been cycling and no matter what the temperature is; a tight/ race fit (that doesn’t cause drag especially on the fast descents), muscle support without restricting movement and still, offer as many of the great features that our Bodyline jersey has.

The Climbers Jersey Features:

  1. Low Cut & Shallow Collar – The cut for the collar is very low and starts on the body rather than the neck. The collar itself is shallow (half the height of bodyline collar), bringing the weight of the jersey down and allowing for greater ventilation and wicking.
  2. Zip Garage – A small piece of material that covers the zip on the inside as well as the outside, to prevent things from getting caught and to stop rubbing on the skin.
  3. Race Fit & Tight Shoulder Cut – A race fit offers greater muscle support and maximum aero advantages. The Climbers jerseys are shaped around a rider in the race position ( a climbing position – on the hoods). This allows us to remove some excess material in the shoulders and front panel that would otherwise flap around in the wind. The shoulder and sleeve sections are separate so we can control the stretch in the shoulder section while not restricting the sleeves. A tight fit also speeds up the wicking process (drawing moisture from the skin and evaporating it from the jersey surface), produces less drag which means you can go faster for the same power output.
  4. Heat Transfer Labels – Our sizing labels are heat transferred onto the jersey to prevent itching and chaffing on skin.
  5. ZIP Cover – To prevent things from getting caught in the zip.
  6. Mesh Side Panels – The side panels are made from a stretch mesh fabric designed for maximum ventilation and wicking.
  7. Lycra Raw Cut Sleeves – The same great, figure-hugging, non-restrictive, raw cut sleeves that we use for our Bodyline jerseys. The sleeves are a game-changer and you will never want to wear a jersey that doesn’t have them.
  8. Made from CoolLight – The front and rear body panels are made from CoolLight… a super stretchy (4-way stretch), ultra-lightweight material designed for maximum breathability and wicking speed. Designed to feel ‘airy’ keeping you fresher for longer and drying times quicker (great for stopping chill on long descents).
  9. Waterproof 4th pocket – A zipped 4th waterproof rear pocket ideal for keeping valuables safe, secure and protected from moisture.
  10. Three large pockets – Three large rear pockets designed to give you maximum storage for nutrition and spares for day-long rides.
  11. Flatlock Stitching – Our jersey is flatlock stitched to give you stronger more comfortable seam joins. Our jersey stretches so much that we needed a reinforced, secure stitch to match.
  12. YKK ZipLock Zippers – Just like our other jerseys, we use YKK ZipLock zippers, these awesome zips lock in place if you’ve unzipped a little for ventilation purposes.

Luke Taylor – @luketaylor84

My new favourite jersey – These Climbers jerseys are something else…. I love the low neck it helps keep me cool and doesn’t feel restricting on my neck. The jersey overall is so lightweight and is refreshing to wear on hot rides. ”

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