Pushing for Efficiency in Life, as a Cyclist and as a Business Owner

It has to be said, I’m an efficiency nut. Whether I’m working, cycling, running, or whatever I’m striving for 100% efficiency. I think it’s why I love cycling so much, particularly road cycling.

Cycling races are typically won by the most efficient team or cyclist. Take a look at Team Sky in action over the course of a race, or even more so – over the course of a Tour. Granted they have a fair wedge to spend but they spend it wisely, or more to the point – efficiently.

They use the right cyclists at the right time. They stick to their tactics because they are confident they have chosen the most effective route to victory. Sometimes they get it wrong, but not often – they are still pushing for 100% efficiency.

Similarly – that solo cyclist who has broken away from the pack in an explosive fashion. First there is the exciting drama of the getaway, then comes the long, slow painful drag back in by the peleton.

The peleton, working together like a swarm of bees is the ultimate in cycling efficiency. Powerful riders taking huge turns on the front and hauling everyone else along at maximum speed.

But the peleton isn’t a machine, it’s driven, maintained and constructed by human beings. To that effect it will never be 100% efficient. So maybe, just maybe – with a bit of luck, a mussette full of determination and a strong enough desire – that solo warrior can make it. But he must be efficient.

If he’s fortunate he might be joined by another vigilante who is willing to work with him to the bitter end. This extra rider can increase the solo rider’s efficiency by a good 20-30%. Sadly most 2 or 3 man breakaways never reach optimum efficiency because the human element – that desire to be the best at all costs gets in the way of achieving just that.

Squabbling ensues, followed by mini attacks and breakaways, typically followed by the swarm getting their act together, chewing the riders up and spitting them out the back.

To reach optimum efficiency we must use reliable technology wherever possible and we must be effective at working together.

Running an Efficient Business

Running Stolen Goat, simple as it may seem, involves a lot of technology. We have code that connects our stock to eBay and Amazon so that our stock and fulfilment process is synchronised.

The website is now hosted on state of the art servers, geared up for e-commerce to ensure you get the best, most efficient browsing and shopping experience.

We are always working on making the user experience more efficient for you so you can easily find what you are looking for. Sure, we want to show everything we have to sell, but mostly we want you to have an enjoyable shopping experience. There’s nothing enjoyable about struggling to find what you are looking for!

There is also code that hooks into our accounting software, so every time an order comes in our books are updated and we can easily stay legal and keep on top of the finances.

Next month, all our stock will be moved to a new fulfilment centre so day or night, orders can be automatically processed. This further increases our reliability, and above all efficiency.

Our review system is automated. It doesn’t come cheap but it is independent and is an extremely efficient way of getting to hear your thoughts on the service we offer.

But the joy of watching a solo cyclist breakaway from the peleton – is watching that cyclist, and those hunting him, walking the fine line between Human desires and robot like efficiency. Humans will never be 100% efficient. But we are pretty cool and it’s our interactions that make us interesting.

As such, at Stolen Goat – we are always contactable, believe in our community and somehow find the time to write random witterings such as this.

But the desire to be efficient never goes away, and so the cycle continues.