Iowa Thermolite Crew Socks


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Hey Goat! Buy this item and get 15 Goat Coins!
Hey Goat! Buy this item and get 15 Goat Coins!

The Iowa cycling socks are here to keep your hooves warm and comfy on all your autumn rides. Made from Thermolite – a lightweight, temperature-regulating material – these socks help to keep your feet at the optimal temperature in cooler conditions. Gently compressive, ever-so soft, and of course – awesome looking – these cycling socks are a must-have for your kit drawer.

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Weather: dry
Temperature: cool
Fit: medium


  • Hollow-core fibre technology - which acts like an air pocket to insulate you and keep you warm. Also, because the fibres are hollow this reduces the weight compared with materials that are not.
  • Lightweight - no one likes a thick and heavy warm weather sock.
  • Breathable - allows air to pass in and be released back out, this helps with temperature regulating.
  • Stretchy - we like stretchy here at SG, it makes everything fit nicer.
  • Quick wicking - moisture is drawn away from the skin and dispersed to the outside quickly - keeping your feet feeling dry and fresh
  • Fast drying - moisture isn't absorbed, it is dispersed widely to the outer layer for quick evaporation times.
  • Compressive - supporting in feel with a contour matching fit.
  • Cool/co/d weather sock - designed for autumn and spring or winter with some overshoes.
  • Crew Cut - for goats who prefer a shorter cut. Height is approx 15cm from the shoe line to the top of the sock.
  • Available for sizes UK 3-15
  • Made in Italy


    • Wash inside out
    • Hand wash (best) or Machine wash at low temperature (30-40°)
    • Hang dry or Tumble dry low heat
    • Do not iron
    • Do not bleach
    • Do not dry clean


Stolen Goat Iowa Cycling Socks // Thermolite – Crew Cut

When the seasons change and the temperatures start to tumble, the Iowa cycling socks are here to keep your toes nice and toasty. Featuring a classic sunset-inspired striped design, these socks are made from clever material designed to keep your feet at the optimal temperature – without being “need to get bigger cycling shoes” levels of bulky!

The Iowa cycling socks are made using Thermolite fabric. This is a synthetic fabric that provides warmth and comfort, without the weight. Hollow-core fibre technology acts like an air pocket for insulation, while the quick-wicking, fast-drying fabric draws moisture away for fast evaporation. Because no one likes soggy feet! Throw in a stretchy and gently compressive fit, and you’ve got the perfect cycling socks for ride all day comfort.

1 review for Iowa Thermolite Crew Socks

  1. Stuart Fisher (verified owner)

    When these arrived, I did not think they would be warm enough. But they are great.
    Have worn them on some frosty mornings on gravel bike rides. Can not tell what colour they are when finished the ride, covered in mud and wet.
    But still got warm feet.
    Oh and clean up like new.

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