Our Orkaan range of jerseys, gilets, shorts, tights and accessories is some of our best-selling, most-loved kit. But what is Orkaan, and why do you need it in your life?

What is the Orkaan range?

The Stolen Goat Orkaan range is a capsule collection of cycling kit and accessories built for changeable weather. Water-resistant, versatile and adaptable for a wide range of temperatures and conditions, it takes the guesswork out of deciding what to wear when the weather doesn’t know what to do with itself.

Helps keep the elements at bay

Our Orkaan kit and accessories are made from a clever fabric, which helps keep the elements at bay while remaining breathable and stretchy for max comfort. Some call it magic: we call it ‘Tempest’. The Tempest fabric is wind-resistant and water-resistant. Helping to keep you comfortable and without creating the dreaded boil-in-the-bag effect.

The Orkaan range also features a super soft on the skin, brushed ‘Roubaix’ lining. We’re talking ‘never want to take this kit off’ levels of comfy and cosy. This fleece-like lining helps to regulate your temperature, keeping you nicely snug without making you overheat.

It’s thanks to this next-level comfort and breathability that our Orkaan range is so versatile: offering superb performance across a wide range of cooler temperatures (6-16°c).

Poor visibility? Orkaan has got your back

And if that’s not enough, the Orkaan jerseys and bib tights have also got your back when the visibility is poor. They feature clever Pixel 100 reflective panels, which become ultra-reflective when met with headlights but are subtle enough that when they don’t, it doesn’t compromise the look of your kit. Style meets functionality, to ensure you stay safe and stay visible in deteriorating light or gloomy conditions.

Why you need some Orkaan kit in your life

Because the Orkaan collection performs so well across a wide range of cool temperatures, it’s perfect for weird between-seasons weather and changeable conditions. It’ll have you covered from early Autumn to late Spring. Giving you the ultimate versatility without having to invest in hundreds of different bits of kit or head out with your jersey pockets stuffed full of layers.

Maximum versatility, with minimal kit

Freedom is… being ready for anything, without having to buy everything. Sometimes you don’t want to have to buy several different kits for every weather eventuality. It’s not friendly on the old bank balance, for starters. And it’s not practical to have to take a whole bunch of different layers out with you just in case.

The Orkaan range is designed to provide maximum versatility, via a small number of items. Wear one of the water-resistant, wind-resistant jerseys with some Orkaan bib shorts when it’s cool but not cold. Add arm warmers for those chilly starts and pack a gilet so if the temperature drops or the wind starts to howl, you’ve got some extra protection right where you need it. The Orkaan bib shorts and tights even feature an integrated back that acts like a base layer. Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have a winner!

Say goodbye to staying home when the weather turns. Say hello to ‘bring it on, Mother Nature’.

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