World Bicycle Relief is celebrating their 15th anniversary this month (November 2020) with a campaign called ‘Faces of Change’.

For 15 years, World Bicycle Relief has empowered people in need with the Buffalo Bicycle… Something so simple and sometimes taken for granted in our lives could completely turn around the life of someone living in a developing country.
A bicycle could mean the difference between having education or not, having a job or not – the bicycle can truly change a life and make daily tasks more bearable.

Your donations are more important this year! Please donate any amount here or purchase any of our WBR products (see here) and we will donate 100% of the profits to the charity.

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The Faces of Change campaign is one of WBR’s last and probably most important campaign of the year. It’s their 15th-year anniversary, a huge milestone and WBR are extremely proud to be able to keep changing lives with bicycles.

For the Faces of Change campaign, World Bicycle Relief brings you 15 stories from people who have turned their lives around with thanks to a Buffalo Bicycle.

2005 – World Bicycle Relief was born //

World Bicycle Relief (WBR) was born in response to the tragic Indian Ocean Tsunami. In Sri Lanka, Buffalo Bicycles helped over 24,000 displaced families reconnect with their schools, jobs and help rebuild their lives.

Dilshani (photographed above), was one of the first to receive a Buffalo Bicycle following the devastation of the Tsunami and she used it to fulfil her dream of becoming a nurse.

“The bicycle allows me to continue my education and follow my passion to help pregnant women.”

She finished school, trained as a nurse and now, 10 years later that very same Buffalo Bicycle carries her sister to school. Like Dilshani, 525,000+ people have been empowered since World Bicycle Relief’s inception 15 years ago and receiving the Buffalo Bicycle was the beginning of the story.

If you would like to read more amazing stories from people like Dilshani, click here.

About the Buffalo Bicycle //

Designed by World Bicycle Relief, Buffalo Bicycles are purpose-designed bicycles, built to withstand the long distances, challenging terrain and conditions in rural, developing areas.

All are equipped with heavy-duty, hard-wearing frames, forks, wheels and components. The frame and forks are made from steel – built to go the distance, rear racks able to carry over 220lbs, metal mudguards and chainguard for maximum rigidity and durability, coaster wheels – removing the need for brakes and cables and all the maintenance that comes with it, heavy-duty wheels and tires built to withstand long distances, heavy loads and rugged terrain, and a strong and secure bike stand able to support the bike and all its cargo.

We need your help! With access to healthcare, education and livelihood more urgent than ever, your support helps those in need weather today’s challenges while preparing for tomorrow’s future.

For every £120 donated, World Bicycle Relief can produce and supply a Buffalo Bicycle to someone who is in desperate need of it. If you would like to donate any amount, please click here or see some of our best sellers below and we will donate the profits.

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