Rethinking the Jersey: a thoughtful piece of apparel

Last year Stolen Goat launched a jersey (see here) to help raise awareness and funds for mental health charity Rethink ( Very simply, we named our design “Rethink” and incorporated both the colours of the Rethink charity as well as covering our jersey in a positive “plus” motif. For each sale of this design, we have donated £10 to Rethink themselves.

Well, our customers told us they really liked the idea, and the jersey, by buying it. We ran out of stock, but now we are bringing this design back and are freshly re-stocked for this year. The jersey costs exactly the same price as all our other Bodyline jerseys, is available in both men’s and women’s versions, and in sizes from XS through to XXXL. And we’ll continue to donate £10 from each new sale to the Rethink charity.

Why partner with Rethink?

Mental health is something that everybody possesses. Quite simply, we all have a state of mental health, like we all have a state of physical health. And yet far less attention is paid to mental health conditions than physical health conditions, partly because they are not always immediately obvious either to the individual or to others. Cycling, like other forms of exercise, is a great way of contributing to improved mental health. It is not a solution it and of itself, in the same way that a healthy diet is not a solution to every physical health condition. But it can be a great positive influence on your mental health, and so we think there is a natural fit between a cycling business and a mental health charity.

Our Rethink jersey is a small gesture in the direction of positive mental health support for everybody. As a small but growing company, we think we should make a contribution and raise awareness where we can. We have been working with Rethink for nearly 18 months and we hope as many of our customers as possible will support this initiative by choosing our Rethink jersey for your SS19 wardrobe!

Ride for Charity – Ride London

Did you miss out on a place for the Ride London this year?

Rethink have spaces available. With a discounted reg fee and minimum sponsorship of £450, it’s a great way to do the event and help a cause at the same time. The money raised will go towards supporting those severely affected by mental illness.

Please contact –