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cyclists resting in a bus shelter drinking water

How to Prevent Muscle Cramps

Muscle cramps: at best, uncomfortable and inconvenient. At worst, excruciatingly painful and a sure-fire way to bring your race to an abrupt halt. We take a deep dive into what cramp is, why it happens and how you can beat it so you can train hard and race strong.

male and female cyclist laughing, wearing Stolen Goat winter kit

Five Things We Wish We’d Known When We Started Cycling

Whether you’ve been cycling for years and you fancy a bit of a nostalgic look back at those early trials and tribulations. Or you’re new to cycling and you need a bit of reassurance that we all have mishaps and we all had to learn a few lessons the hard way when we first started out. We put our heads together at SG HQ and came up with a few of the things we wish we’d known when we first started riding.