Stolen Goat x Beefeater Bend //

Who are the Beefeaters? //

The Beefeaters are a UK-based group of 6 cycling fans who are known for following the Tour de France and spreading joy along the way.

Their greatest ‘Bend’ so far was stage 18 of the Tour de France 2019 on the Col du Galibier – Watch the video to see what the Beefeaters are really about.

How did the Collaboration form? //

We met in the rain flooded fields of Yorkshire last year at the Worlds. The Beefeaters are avid followers and customers of Stolen Goat and despite the poor weather and the Sunday being cancelled it didn’t dampen the spirits of the Beefeaters – we hit it off and it made for a weekend we’d never forget.

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Stolen Goat x Beefeater Bend Collection //

The Stolen Goat x Beefeater Bend collection consists of a men’s and women’s Bodyline jersey and a Baby Nik Beefeater Bend edition.

All profits from our Beefeater Bend products are donated to the Priest Foundation – A charity created by Aron Priest (one of the Beefeaters) to help support people who struggle with Mental Health in the Rochford District and Southend area.


Men’s Bodyline Jersey


Women’s Bodyline Jersey


Beefeater Bend Edition


Bandido – Neck Warmer

About the Beefeater Bend Design //

The Beefeaters wanted a jersey that looked stylish and modern but with traditional English finishing touches. They wanted to steer clear from the idea of replicating a Beefeater suit and putting it onto a jersey.

So for the design, we took the luxurious Red and powerful Black from their colour palette and merged them together to create a fade from Black to Red, top to bottom. We added a few finishing touches such as: the Yorkshire rose (where Super C comes from) and the 3 blades of Essex (where Statto, Elvis, TMG, Stealth and Kami come from) and the crown on the back of the jersey symbolises the true link to the Tower of London Beefeaters who safeguard the British Crown Jewels.

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You can support the Priest Foundation by donating here or purchasing any of our Beefeater Bend products.