The Stolen Goat Men’s Climbers bib shorts are our most technical summer bib short yet. Designed alongside a panel of pro cyclists, they’re super lightweight, ultra-breathable and made for speed – without compromising on opacity or durability. Made from AquaRacer, the Climbers bib shorts are 40% lighter than a Lycra bib short. A hydrophobic coating and a muscle-support compressive fabric means you can ride faster for longer and stay feeling fresh.


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Weather: dry
Temperature: hot
Fit: serious


  • Aerodynamically tuned shorts. Pre-shaped and sculpted around the body in the cycling position for better aerodynamics and all-day comfort.
  • Ultralightweight - our lightest most breathable bib short yet.
  • Vapour Pad - Developed in Belgium alongside top-level pro riders and teams to create the perfect race pad and positioning on the bike. The padding only weighs 24 grams.
  • Premium Fit - The Stolen Goat Climbers shorts are compressive in feel, very much a race fit but a comfortable one at that. The legs are held in place with a premium grade elasticated panel rather than use a silicone gripper band which can pull on the skin and has a tendency to ride up the leg.
  • Premium Fabric - Not all bib shorts are created equal. The AquaRacer material used here is UV-protective, 2-way breathable, 4-way stretchy and very lightweight too. This ensures the fabric moves and breathes with your body. No unnecessary overheating, plus maximum comfort and maximum aero advantages to create one sensational ride experience.
  • Quick dry - Made from AquaRacer and treated with a hydrophobic coating to give you the quickest drying times and some water resistance. Keeping you fresher on the bike for longer.
  • Extra stash pocket - A pocket on the bib strap for secret stuff ;-)
  • Summer garment - designed for the warm climates, these shorts are designed for hot temperatures.
  • Male specific fit - Because men's and women's bodies are different.


Stolen Goat Men’s Black Climbers Bib Shorts // Compression Fit – Hot Weather //

Race fast, ride hard and stay fresh with our men’s Climbers bib shorts. Your go-to shorts for hot days in the saddle.

Like nothing we’ve ever launched before, these shorts have been designed alongside a panel of race-winning pro cyclists. The outcome? An ultra-fast, ultra-lightweight bib short with a supreme fit that gives you the freedom to focus on your performance.

The Stolen Goat Climbers bib shorts are 40% lighter than a Lycra bib short, thanks to the premium AquaRacer material. But lighter doesn’t mean less durable – or worse, see-through! We use a special weaving process where each elastic polyamide fibre is woven separately with a coloured polyester fibre. Meaning the only surprise you’ll be giving your fellow riders is how speedy you are.

With 4-way stretch, a compressive race fit pre-shaped and sculpted around the body in the cycling position and an extra stash pocket on the bib strap, these shorts will make you unstoppable on your next adventure.

Size Hip/Waist
XS 69-75
S 75-81
M 81-87
L 87-93
XL 93-98
XXL 98-104
XXXL 104-109


  • Measure in CM for a more accurate fit.
  • Measure the widest part of your waist.
  • Measure the widest part of your hips.
  • The measurement should be taken around the widest part of your hips or waist, whichever is widest.
  • Keep the measuring tape horizontal.
  • If in between sizes ... Go up for a looser fit... Down for a tighter fit.
  • If in doubt, give us a shout!

* Choose a size Larger than your Bodyline shorts size... So if you wear a Medium in our Bodyline shorts - choose Large in our Climbers shorts.