2018 is your year! Make it happen!

No matter what your goal is this year, never lose sight of it. Every step forward is a step closer towards an amazing feeling! Remember, motivation is key! If you start to lose motivation, just stop and think to yourself why you started in the first place!

The SG team (including ambassadors) all have goals and this is what drives us. We’re all working towards something different: Bruce (one of our ambassadors) is working very hard to grow his newly founded business, Aled (another ambassador) is trying to recover from a skiing injury as quickly as possible and us, we want to continue designing great kit that inspires your next adventure.

So whatever your goal is for this year, make it happen!

If you’re looking for motivation or want to find out how we’re getting on with these goals, check the blog – we have weekly posts!

Get The Miles In With help from our Favourites

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