New Products for the Autumn and Winter

Normally we announce all the new products via the newsletter┬ábut we have had so many arrivals this week that it was too much to squeeze in. So here is a roundup of what has arrived…

Thermal Cycling Jackets


We have received some first class jackets from Primal. Each with their own set of features but all extremely good value and superb at what they do. Sorry but we like to make sure you have very few excuses for not cycling over the colder months!

Whether you are a regular commuter, weekend warrior or performance rider – we have a suitable cycling jacket for you…


Thermal Arm & Leg Warmers

Primal Thermal Arm WarmersAlso from Primal are some superbly priced Thermal arm and leg warmers. Made from a microfiber fabric they have superb temperature regulating properties. Lightweight and easy to slip on and off these are an excellent way of extracting maximum value form all your cycling kit all year round. See them over in our accessories section…


Handmade Wood & Leather Commuter Bags

Nisnas Industries Kul Rex Bag - Racing Stripe Edition (4)

Quite simply, I am in love with these bags! Designed specifically for carrying on the bike but wearing on the shoulder, the hand crafted Kul Rex and Kul Porter bags are made by the new and highly talented community driven company that is Nisnas Industries.

They are very strong without being too heavy and are constructed of real leather and mahogany wood (with pine racing stripe). They are so beautiful and elegant. A real joy to hold and wear.


Bespoke Wooden Fenders for Brompton Bikes

Brompton Racing Stripe Wooden Mudguards

Also by Nisnas Industries are these absolutely stunning wooden mud guards for Brompton bikes. Made from Mahogany and pine and featuring the same racing stripe design as the bags they are very simple to fit and will not only look stunning on your Brompton, but they will also help to protect you from the elements.

There is also a Pac Man design! You can find them all in our Brompton Upgrades section…

Brompton Upgrades

Innovation at its finest

Primal Iero 2 Base Layer BackSo here we have it… I’m pretty sure we are the first online store to stock it. Brand new and very comfortable is the Iero2 Base Layer from Primal. I have one myself (review to follow) and it is absolutely lovely. Constructed from a mesh of Polypropylene the stretchy material is extremely efficient at wicking moisture and amazingly it fits all body shapes from Small to 3XL!

It is so good at regulating temperature that it is perfect for both cold and hot conditions. Talk about supreme value! Personally I love it and I’m very pleased to be stocking it. Available in both a sleeveless and short sleeve variety…

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