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Nickname: Ash, never really acquired a nickname
Club: Tygerberg Mountain Bike Club
Bikes: Pyga Stage (it’s a crazy light 10.1kg dual suspension bike designed and made in SA) and a Battaglin steel frame roadie
Favourite riding spot: Stellenbosch, just outside Cape Town. Massive mountains, trails and forests and year-round riding.
Best event: Wines2Whales 3-day MTB stage race
First bike: As a kid, I think I broke every Raliegh ever made. As an adult, GT Force 1.0
Tip: Spend time on bike handling skills
What am I doing now: I’m a motoring journalist. Mostly I test cars I can fit my bikes into.
Ambitions: One day I’ll have a go at the Cape Epic


Nickname: J-Force – assigned to me by my coach, and Jen-Dog from my Uni best friend
Club: currently flying (or should that be riding) solo.
Bike: Canyon Speedmax CF 8.0, named ‘The Beast’.
Favourite riding spot: Mallorca! The Cap de Formentor ride out to the lighthouse
Best event: Ahh I can’t choose! Ironman Zell am See 70.3 for the bike course, Ironman Copenhagen for the support on the run and the ITU race in Leeds for the joy of galloping around my University town.
First bike: My first ever bike – it was pink, had a dolly seat and I forced my Dad to go out in the snow to teach me to ride it.
Tip: Be honest with yourself about your weaknesses – choose the thing you’re worst at and work on it until it becomes a strength.
What am I doing now: Recovering or preparing for an Ironman
Ambitions: The dream would be to qualify for the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawai.
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Club: Runcorn (RCC)
Bike: Canyon Aeroad Dura-Ace R9100 Mavic Cosmic wheels

Fav riding spot: North Wales horse shoe pass area. There are still hills to be Conquered

Best Event: CW125 nothing better than riding on a classic race circuit and one of the UK’s toughest climbs Mow Cop. Great distance with speed and ascent.

First bike: 2014 GT Sportive (first road bike)
Tip: There is never an excuse not to ride your bike
What am I doing now: I practically pre-planned a full years riding, many adventures to come – Heading to Ireland and doing some closed roads velos.
Ambitions: To feel that I have reached out to other riders, from the simplest of things such as helping repair a puncture, advice on recovery for injuries or assisting on training. Anything to help or inspire people to get on a bike and I am happy.
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Nickname: Cole or Puglet
Club: London Fields Triathlon Club
Bike: Canyon Ultimate (it was a tough choice between that and an Orbea!)
Fav riding spot: in the UK it has to be through Essex, flat and smooth and I can’t resist a stop at the Blackmore Tearooms; best peanut butter in the county and [hands down] the biggest servings of cake. Outside of England, the Morvan National Parks in Burgundy, France are amazing; beautiful lakes and scenic views but be prepared for a few hills…!
First bike: a very entry level Cannondale Synapse, which did what it said on the tin.
Tip: eat
What am I doing now: training for the ETU Middle Distance Championships in Ibiza and mapping out my 2019 race season. Somewhere in between that, I’m probably eating peanut butter…
Ambitions: The list could go on, but I guess the main ones would be to do an epic cycle event next year and (possibly!) do my first full distance triathlon…. we’ll see.
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Nickname: I’ve never had a nickname, that I know of….
Club: I’ve never joined a cycling club, I just prefer having free reign to go wherever I please.
Bike: Trek Remedy 9.8 mountain bike, De Rosa SK Pinnifarina special occasion road bike, Parlee Z5i as my daily rider, Surly Pacer, BMX, trials bike and a cyclocross bike.
Favourite Riding Spot: The Lake District (Home), Mallorca – road bikes and Finale Ligure – Mountain bikes
Best Event: Kinlochleven Enduro or PMBA Enduro Series
First Bike: Redline micro bmx
Tip: If you want it enough, then you will find a way of getting it.
What Am I Doing Now: Working as a mechanic for a Trek Racing Team
Ambitions: To ride my bike in new places and to go on more adventures. I also have a wild ambition that one day I will own a small bike shop with a little cafe on the side, serving the best coffees and the best veggie food around. Im not even a vegan, I just like food!