protection programmeWhat is the Stolen Goat Protection Programme?

The Stolen Goat Protection Programme is a mechanism to give you peace of mind when purchasing items that are prone to accidental damage such as sunglasses and helmets.

Sometimes a manufacturer will offer a discount on a replacement item if you crash a helmet for example. But this discount will only be on a like for like product and it can take a long time to get through the whole process and actually realise the discount. Furthermore, if you have purchased that product through a retailer (i.e. not directly from the manufacturing brand) the water is muddied further.

Stolen Goat is happy to offer you the customer a sizeable discount on a replacement product from the same category if you should happen to damage your product accidentally.

Which products are covered?

We currently offer the protection programme on all products that have the knight image in the product description. In general the programme protects all products in the following categories:

What is the discount on offer for a replacement?

Currently we offer you a 30% discount on any product within the same category. It needn’t be the same product or the same price. To be clear – if you buy a helmet for £40 and then crash it you may buy another helmet for 30% off the RRP even if the RRP is £150+ (saving £45)!

Used like this, you can theoretically save more than your original purchase.

What sort of damage is covered?

Any. whether you crash your helmet or your 2 year old tests how far apart the glasses frames can be pulled apart it’s all fair game. Shit happens, we’re here to help you deal with that.

What if I don’t fancy anything in stock as a replacement?

No problem, get in touch and we can sort it out. Either we will order you what you want from one of our suppliers or we may offer you a voucher code to buy yourself something else.

OK I’ve broken my product – how do I claim my discount?

No problem. We will ask you to send it back. But first of all, simply get in touch to let us know.