Kit Amnesty //

We all have it don’t we? That odd item of kit that we never get around to wearing and it just sits there in our wardrobe gathering dust.

Maybe it’s because it just didn’t fit quite right from the start or just didn’t suit you? Maybe it no longer fits as your body has changed shape thanks to all the cycling you do? Maybe you loved it SO much it was worn every day and now it’s not quite as shiny and new as it once was? Maybe it has a small hole, loose stitching or a dodgy zip that you’ve never quite got around to repairing?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could give that piece of kit a new lease of life – get it out into the hands of somebody else who would love and cherish it as they start their own adventure in cycling? Wouldn’t it be great if you could trade in non Stolen Goat kit and get… Stolen Goat kit!

Well – now you can! Periodically throughout the year, we will open up the kit amnesty for a number of weeks. Although we’d love to have it running all year round, we have to consider our lovely Clothes Doctor’s capacity to accept all the kit – you lot are very keen, which is wonderful!

We haven’t currently got an kit amnesty open, but have plans to later this year :)

Here's How It Works:

1) Pick one item of cycling kit that you no longer need – from ANY BRAND.
2) Go to Clothes Doctor and book your service on the following link:
3) Write SG Kit Amnesty in the comments and provide your email address. You won’t be charged!  :-)
4) Post your item to the Clothes Doctor workshop.
5) Clothes Doctor will clean, repair and sort all the kit sent in.
6) At the end of the Amnesty period, the restored kit will be donated to a wonderful organisation called Gift Your Gear who will distribute it to worthy causes in the UK including charities and youth groups.
7) To say thank you for your support, at the end of the amnesty period, Stolen Goat will send you back a 25% voucher to be used on


– The Amnesty will open for a 2 week window to send back unwanted kit, with a couple of days grace to allow for postal delays.
– The next Amnesty will run from 25th July to 4th August 2019.
– Kit can be from any brand but we will only accept one piece of kit per customer (please -we need to consider workshop capacity!).
– Please pick an item you no longer need but one that has plenty of life left in it so that it can go to a new home and genuinely make a difference to its new owner.
– Thanks to the amazing Clothes Doctor, we CAN accept items with minor crash damage, small holes, loose threads or broken zips for example. If you’re not sure, feel free to ask. :-)
– Stolen Goat will cover the costs of anti-bacterial cleaning and minor repairs with Clothes Doctor (eg. zips, threads loose, small holes or minor crash damage)
– Please ship your item directly to Clothes Doctor. Postage is not covered by SG but feel free to choose a low-cost option.
– At end of amnesty period, all customers who have sent an appropriate item will receive a 25% code by email for the SG website.
– Voucher to be used within 30 days (unless otherwise agreed in writing)