What is it about Chris Froome…?

Let me start this by saying that I do like Chris Froome. He is a supreme athlete and an excellent bike rider. I enjoy watching him tear bits out of the peleton and, unlike many pundits – I’m pretty confident he isn’t doping.

The reason I’m confident about that is because the guy is like a robot. You can tell from the way he rides and conducts himself in general that he trains, eats, sleeps & shits to the most regimented routine any rider or athlete has ever gone through. He is like a soldier, marching to the Team Sky beat.

He “believes in better”. Better than all the other riders in every way. He is the perfect example of what an athlete can achieve with the correct training & racing programme combined with utter dedication and commitment to the cause.

It’s an inspiring thing to watch. Or at least it would be… if he wasn’t so boring. I mean seriously, he is so predictable, so on song, so remarkably strong and consistent. Consistent, consistent, consistent, yawn.

I’m British, I love the fact that we are mixing it up with the best riders in the World and winning. But it doesn’t feel very British somehow. Where’s the jeopardy? The “will he make it or not” sensation? Where’s the annoying British compassion for other competitors. Or the even more annoying British trait of not wanting to undermine the rest of the field too much?

chris froome vs gollum

Perhaps I would like him more if he had some weird personality flaw, like a strange habit of hissingĀ like Gollum whilst sprintingĀ or something.

Or at least an indication that he is prone to the occasional mistake.

As I say, I like the guy and am glad he’s winning the Tour this year – I just wish Team Sky wasn’t run with such military precision.

What is it about Froome? I’m not sure… I want to like him, I really do. He’s doing everything right, just maybe a little too right. Keep it up though Froome-dog, I would do the same if I were you ;-)