Stolen Goat Reviews //

Below are just a few stolen goat reviews from press & media. It’s tough to list them all as many are magazine reviews. Below you’ll also find a few stolen goat customer reviews…


Customer Reviews //


“This may be the best fitting jersey I own” – Colton Lock – USA

“My first thought as I tumbled to the floor for the second time after an encounter with black ice this morning was ‘nooo..I’ve only just bought these tights’
After peeling myself off of the cold hard tarmac, I gave the bike a once over..the usuall bent shifters and a new scratch or two. Then (with dread) onto the kit.To my delight and amazement my Orkaan tights didn’t have a scratch on them. This is just one more reason to absolutely love these awesome tights. The more I wear them, the more I love them. They’re warm, keep the rain out and as it turns out, tougher than tarmac.” – James Hayward – UK

“My red slipstream jersey arrived today. The quality is excellent and for my size 8 frame, the XS is perfect. I can’t wait to wear it out! I’ll be ordering more in the future.Many thanks!”- Jean Knapp – UK

“My climb and conquer jacket arrive this morning. in green love it, fit perfect and warmest jacket I own. very impressed with quality and price to. thanks” – Claudio Ortiz Zazo – UK

“Placed my order yesterday, received it just a minute ago! Quite impressive, from the UK to holland within 24 hours. Thanks for the quick delivery and I’m loving my new jersey.” – Max Kuiper – Netherlands