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Loudmouth Orkaan Arm Warmers

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Hey Goat! Buy this item and get 15 Goat Coins!
Hey Goat! Buy this item and get 15 Goat Coins!

The Stolen Goat  Loudmouth Orkaan Arm Warmers are constructed from the same ready-for-anything fabric as our Orkaan jerseys and bib shorts.


Water and wind-resistant, they’re perfect for layering up in changeable conditions when you want that bit of extra protection against the elements. Add in a cosy Roubaix liner and you’ve got everything you need to head out with confidence, whatever the weather.


Pair with one of our Orkaan jerseys for the ultimate changeable weather flexibility. Digging the Loudmouth design? Check out the matching jersey and socks!

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Weather: wet
Temperature: cold
Fit: medium


  • Water-resistant
  • Wind-resistant
  • UV protection
  • Lightweight
  • Temperature regulating
  • 4-way stretch
  • Aero
  • Soft inside lining



Weather woes? Not anymore, with the Stolen Goat Orkaan arm warmers – here to give you the ultimate ready-for-anything flexibility in changeable conditions.

From the chilly early morning commutes to the April showers. The early autumn club rides when it’s cool now but might warm up a touch later. Those weird in-between days where it’s too warm for a jacket but too cold for a lightweight jersey. Our Orkaan arm warmers will keep you cosy and comfortable.

Water-repellent and wind-resistant fabric keep the elements at bay. Meanwhile, a cosy yet breathable Roubaix liner keeps you warm and dry without overheating. There when you need them, easy to stash in your back pocket when you don’t.

Layer up with the rest of our Orkaan capsule range and you can keep the good rides rolling, without worrying about the weather.

6 reviews for Loudmouth Orkaan Arm Warmers

  1. koushikgoes9000kmph@gmail.com (verified owner)

    I’ve used this for around 2 months now and it’s wonderful.
    It’s a little bit too long (long not baggy)for me. The quality is amazing!
    There’s microfiber or whatever it is on the inside and it feels so good while you wear it.
    The color simply won’t fade.

  2. James Saunders (verified owner)

    I bought the loudmouth jersey, which is perfect for hot summer days, so added these for those early morning starts. This has worked well for me with them coming off after an hour or so, as the temperature rises. I plan to use this combination as the summer starts to wain as an earl autumn option. Bloody loud, as the name suggests, but stylish. If you’re going to be seen, you want to look good!

  3. Ronny Jansson (verified owner)

    Good fit, warm and cozy on a cold day.

  4. cara.gam (verified owner)

    Bought to match my Loudmouth Bodyline jersey. Nice soft fluffy lining. Good length. The silicone strip means they stay up at my shoulders but don’t dig in. These are going to be great in cooler weather.

  5. morenich@yahoo.com (verified owner)

    Great fit, thicker and warmer than all of my other arm warmers. Very light rain and splashes bead off. Once they get wet with sweat they still keep my arms warm. I like the Loudmouth design as it helps keep me visible on and off the road.

  6. Gordon Midgley (verified owner)

    I’m just starting with ‘armwarmer weather’ and I’m very impressed with the Orkaans.
    Use a tape measure and trust the SG size charts – mine are spot-on at the wrist and upper bicep plus there’s enough gentle stretch to cope with a range of flex.
    Light rain results in beading, and they’re reassuringly warm if the showers join forces.
    The repeating blocks of colour are very visible, especially when straight-arm signalling for turns. Ideal.
    So far, in a chilly April, I’ve worn them from start-to-finish on rides but, hopefully, in a month or two they’ll be rolled up and down, or taken on and off, as required.

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