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Mark and Mike Neck with their medals after finishing Tri Cheddar

Giving tri a try: Mark races Tri Cheddar

Back in March our Senior Product Developer Mark took on his first ever triathlon! Find out how he got on and get ready to feel inspired to hit that ‘enter now’ button if you’ve been thinking about giving Tri a try!

how to turn your dreams into goals

How to Turn Your Dreams into Goals (and Actually Achieve Them!)

January is a great time to set your goals for the year and put plans in place. But knowing how to get started can feel a bit overwhelming. We’re here to help you choose your adventure and to guide you through the practical steps to get going. Are you ready to Find your Freedom in 2023?

Man in race team kit sticking his tongue out

Off-season adventures: how to have fun and get strong over the winter months

Triathlon off-season might seem like it’s all or nothing. Have fun and kick back, or work hard but just in a different way. But what if you could do both? What if you could spend the off-season having fun and going on adventures – in a way that will still hugely benefit you for next year’s races? Let’s do this…

Ophelie Saussus crossing the finish line at the Ironman World Championships in 2019

Top Tips for Racing at the Ironman World Championships

After a 2-year hiatus, the Ironman World Championships are back in Kona! Friend of Stolen Goat Ophelie Saussus, who will be racing at the world championships in Kona for the third time, shares her top tips for making the most of your time on the island and enjoying the race…

Man wearing Scooby tri suit crossing Ironman finish line

How to Run Strong Off the Bike

Triathlete, duathlete or just someone who likes to be first in line at the café stop: we can all agree that there’s nothing quite like that wobbly-legged sensation when you first shift from two wheels to two feet. Get some top tips for improving your run off the bike, ready for next year’s races.

winter pool sessions to level up your swim speed

Pool Sessions to Level-Up Your Swim Speed

For most of us triathletes, we know our swim needs work. But knowing we need to improve, and knowing what sessions to actually get in the pool and do are two different things. Tom Epton – triathlete and seriously speedy swimmer – shares some great pool sessions to help you up your game in the water.

Five Tips for Improving Your Swim

Looking to improve your swimming over the winter months? Dive into some top tips from early career pro triathlete and seriously speedy swimmer, Tom Epton.

Yvonne Timewell wearing Nomad 22 jersey

Tails from The Herd: Meet our new Brand Ambassador, Yvonne Timewell

Meet the newest member of our Brand Ambassador Herd, Yvonne Timewell! Hailing from British Colombia, Canada, Yvonne is an Ironman triathlete working her way to the start line of the 2022 Ironman World Championships later this year. Check out our interview to learn more about her training, race plans and her advice to fellow triathletes…

Tom Epton wearing Stolen Goat change thingy and beanie hat

Five Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Triathlon

“Do a triathlon they said, it’ll be fun they said!” Training for a three-discipline sport is a steep learning curve that can leave you with a lot of questions – especially when you’re just starting out. Aspiring pro triathlete, Tom Epton, shares his insights on the key things he learned when he first started triathlon.

woman in vons swimsuit

NEW Stolen Goat Swim Collection

Introducing the NEW collection of Stolen Goat swim wear. Training in the pool, or diving into the lake. Seasoned swimmer, triathlete, or just dipping a toe in the water. Our new range of swim wear is here to help you make a splash.

planning your first ironman jennifer lucas 3

Planning Your First Ironman
// Jennifer Lucas // #3

Planning your first Ironman So, you’ve decided you want to do an Ironman. Congratulations! Welcome to the swim-bike-run rabbit hole – feel free to don your favourite bike helmet and dive on in. But seriously, deciding to sign yourself up for an iron distance triathlon is the start of an epic adventure. From hitting the … Read more …

abby fletcher customer relations a new goat joins the herd

Abby Fletcher
// Customer Relations // A New Goat Joins The Herd

JOINING THE HERD ‘Any plans for the weekend?’ ask my work colleagues. ‘Yes, I’m cycling to Cambridge’…jaw drop, confused look… ’From London?’ ‘Yes’ ’You’re crazy.’ I smile, shrug and say ‘It should be fun!’ Then I walk away whilst thinking ‘and back again.’ (but I keep that to myself!) This became a pretty standard exchange … Read more …

stolen goat x bioracer triathlon suits

Stolen Goat X Bioracer Triathlon Suits
// SS18

You asked…. We listened…. They’re here…. We’re proud to introduce our first ever Tri suit collection for Spring/Summer 2018. It has been a long time coming but our Tri suits are here and selling quickly (thank you all). When it comes to releasing new products we’re always super excited to see the reaction from the ‘herd’. As you … Read more …

gearing up for race season nicole pugson 5

Gearing Up For Race Season
// Nicole Pugson // #5

Gearing up for Race Season  And just like that almost four months of the year have disappeared! Race season is fast approaching so I thought I would share some of my experiences, training, tips and tricks before the races kick off. It’s been a long winter and for most of us we’ve been turning down … Read more …

a race report by nicole deva triathlon

A Race Report By Nicole
// Deva Triathlon // Chester // 2017

Deva Triathlon 2017 Of all the races I have both taken part in or volunteered in, I have never seen an event so seamlessly executed. Chester Triathlon Club truly out did themselves with their organisation, the goody bags and rounding up a stellar amount of support from the locals. I knew this race would exceed … Read more …

reflective waterproof cycling jersey

reflective waterproof cycling jersey? Yep, we can do that…

Looking to buy a reflective waterproof cycling jersey? You’ll find yourself surprisingly limited, choice wise if you want both in one jersey. Luckily we sell the best performing cycle clothing on the planet and we do indeed make a number of reflective, waterproof cycling jerseys! The market offering for waterproof cycling jerseys (or rain jerseys as … Read more …

cycling rain clothing

cycling in the rain – clothing & attitude [video]

Cycling in the rain comes down to clothing and attitude, simple as that. Riding a bike in the rain can of course be a touch sketchy at times but if you take it easy, wear the right clothing and keep a smile on you face then it can actually be crazy fun… [share title=””] As … Read more …

choose best cycling jersey

How to choose the best cycling jersey for you

Choosing the best cycling jersey for you Selecting the correct apparel is very important, not just in cycling, in every sport. Wear a thin Summer jersey in Winter and you’ll freeze; wear a thick Winter jersey in Summer and you’ll boil. You need to get the right balance. You also have to consider the type of fit. Do you want … Read more …

art wearing right cycling kit

The art of wearing the right cycling kit

It took Goldilocks three attempts to get the right porridge, the right sized chair and the perfect bed. For us cyclists, on a ride, we don’t have the luxury of taking three different choices of kit with us! The boffins at stolen goat have crunched the data and created a little table that charts the comprehensive … Read more …

aled jones smashes ironman staffordshire 70 3

Aled Jones Smashes Ironman Staffordshire 70.3

A race report from sponsored Triathlete Aled Jones…   After the slight disappointment of Ironman 70.3 Mallorca last month it was time again for Team Jones (The Wife and I) to take on the inaugural Ironman 70.3 Staffordshire. I won’t go into the logistical nightmare of having T1 and T2 20 miles apart or we would be … Read more …

aled jones tackles ironman 70 3 mallorca

Aled Jones Tackles Ironman 70.3 Mallorca

Training Well, after a good block winter of training, a new coach and four warm weather training camps it was finally time to get the tri-suit out for the first race of the season last weekend. Learning from my first competitive season as a GB age grouper, where I over raced and dipped mid season, … Read more …

meet aled jones sponsored stolen goat rider triathlete

Meet Aled Jones: Sponsored stolen goat Rider & Triathlete

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Aled Jones, who was an existing stolen goat customer and also happens to be the Team Captain for both the Royal Navy Triathlon Team and Royal Marines Triathlon Team. He also represents GBR at the European and World Championships at all distances. Aled is also sponsored by LIOS … Read more …