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Retro Cycling Jerseys & Tees Galore

1965 Ciclo Cross Champ poster

Retro cycling jerseys and retro cycling t-shirts seem to be taking off in a big way. I think it’s because the modern cyclist is looking for something that little bit different. Something with a considered design, perhaps something which reflects their passions and yet still performs on the bike how they want it to. Retro Cycling […]

Stolen Goat Harris Tweed Musettes – Forest Green | River Blue | Rolling Moss

Introducing the first ever Stolen Goat designed Musettes. Created in collaboration with Scottish based, Tweed bag specialist Katherine Emtage, these musettes have undergone several rounds of prototyping to get the final product just right. We wanted to create a musette that was compact but big enough to hold an iPad or even an 11-inch MacBook […]

Alpe Duex Review – UK Made Merino Cycling Jersey

It’s not often we review a cycling jersey that we stock, or any item that we stock for that matter. But I have been personally riding with the Alpe Deux Merino Wool Jersey for the last few rides and I simply can’t get enough of it. When you first unwrap it, you can feel that […]

Pushing for Efficiency in Life, as a Cyclist and as a Business Owner

It has to be said, I’m an efficiency nut. Whether I’m working, cycling, running, or whatever I’m striving for 100% efficiency. I think it’s why I love cycling so much, particularly road cycling. Cycling races are typically won by the most efficient team or cyclist. Take a look at Team Sky in action over the […]

King of the Mountain Goat Choco Beans

We all know that cycling and coffee go hand in hand. But unless you carry around an Espresso filled Thermos on your bike, it’s tricky to sustain your caffeine addiction whilst putting the miles in. We have solved this major problem by creating King of the Mountain Goat Choco Beans. While stocks last, we are […]

Competition – WIN a Limited Edition Lightskin Seatpost For Bromptons

We were recently sent this absolutely stunning anodized silver Lightskin Seatpost for Brompton Bikes from the Lightskin manufacturer. As far as I know you simply can’t buy this anywhere in the World right now, certainly not the UK. So “Limited Edition” is probably an understatement! So we have two choices – 1. sell it for an extraordinary amount of money […]

Stolen Goat found by cyclists at Bike Blenheim Palace

[fblike][/fblike] Two whole days after officially launching Stolen Goat I found myself at Blenheim Palace setting up a 4.5 metre by 3 metre marquee ready for 15,000+ cyclists to roll by and take a look at what we have to offer. Daunting, tiring, exciting. As the inaugural Stolen Goat exhibition I had no idea what to expect. […]