SIT – Sidney Waerts

SIT is an extremely talented Dutch artist that works with black, white and grey tones. He has a specific style that can often appear dark but behind his figurative images lies a disturbing analysis of our times. By using contrast, SIT shows the dark side of beauty.




We have teamed up with The Scarlett Gallery and artist Sidney Waerts (aka SIT), to bring you a true work of art. SIT created an art piece called ‘Crowded’ (sold by The Scarlett Gallery) which features a crow design and in true SIT style…. black and white.

Crows feature very heavily in SIT’s work and here’s why:

– The crow has a kind of beauty that is difficult to grasp with the naked eye. It often stands for darkness and death, but to SIT, this bird also symbolises life: it’s only by shining a ray of light on the black whole, the crow might reveal its details and mysteries to us. –



Based in Brighton, Richard Baker is an artist with a passion for all things bike.

“They are so challenging to draw and that is what fascinated me from the start. I am spoiled living in Brighton as there is no better way to get around than on a bike – either a quick commute through town or a long ride up along the south downs there are so many accessible rides to get inspired by”.

This year Richard Baker is looking to launch a range of bike-inspired stationery and from there, create a bike-themed brand of his own to provide a creative platform for other local artists.


by Richard Baker


The Tokyo piece forms part of a series of illustrations documenting the diverse city architecture from around the world, and the different influences and fashions this imposes onto our bike styles. It all started with an exhibition piece for ‘Artcrank’ featuring a cyclist pedalling through a typical Parisian street on a vintage steel framed road bike. From there I made a ‘Brick-Lane’ inspired London illustration, followed by the ‘red light district’ in Tokyo – each with a character sat on a relevant bike. I plan to continue the journey through other iconic biking cities such as Amsterdam, NY and more.


more artist collabs coming soon…….