Comfort And Speed All In One

Ibex is our latest technology for riders looking to ride faster whilst still remaining comfortable. A clothing range which will set you apart from the crowd, giving you aero advantages and all-day comfort, allowing you to ride harder and faster.

The Ibex range has been created with speed in mind. The materials used and the biometric shape of the apparel, blend together to create a clothing range that means business.


The Ibex jersey is like no other! It boasts a tight fit, with a torso flexible for different body shapes.

As recreational riders, we aren’t all wafer thin racing snakes. This jersey allows for a bit more give around the waist but still an aero advantage. The gap between shoulder seems have been reduced compared to typical riding jerseys. By doing this we have eliminated unnecessary material which would flap around causing drag. It also reduces the overall weight of the jersey. This is the ultimate must if you’re riding fast.

Paired with our Ibex shorts, unlock the race machine in you!


Complete the capsule with our Ibex shorts.

The same design brief as our Ibex jerseys, our Ibex shorts have been created from direct feedback from pro riders and have incredible characteristics based upon the ‘Aquaracer’ fabric used to create them.

‘Aquaracer’ fabric is up to 40% lighter than traditional bib-short lycra, plus has multi-directional stretch that hugs the body tight and extreme breathability but still resistant to air and moisture. Making these shorts super slippery through the air.


Only in our Ibex range do we offer a bundle kit, make sure you take full advantage of the money saving bundle! It’s literally a winning combo that moves fast, so get it while you can. 3 kit choices to choose from, mix and match sizes to suit you or if your cunning, split it with a mate!

Ibex too extreme for you? View our Bodyline range for stylish cycling clothing designed for everyday riding.

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