Has the weather ever prevented you from getting out on the bike?

Well, stop that from happening with our Climb & Conquer Winter Cycle Collection. Perfect for when the temperatures drop below 7 degrees, this collection has been designed to encourage you to get on the bike even in the worst weather. Our Climb & Conquer range is a close but forgiving performance fit. It supports the body, keeps the bad weather out and is designed for the ability to layer up for those really cold days.

If it’s poor out, then this is your go-to range. Full length windproof bib-tights with foot straps and a full weatherproof jacket is a must for any rider looking to own the winter weather.

You can train indoors all you want (yes it’s better than nothing) but nothing beats getting outside on the bike. Pushing hard on a turbo doesn’t compare to the full body workout achieved by being outside riding on your bike.

Stay ahead of the game this Winter, breathe the fresh air and adventure more! Riding indoors during winter is a thing of the past, break the mould and get out and explore!



Our jackets have been manufactured from materials that are weatherproof, so no matter what the weather throws at you, your covered! The jackets are extremely breathable and have been designed to enable you to layer up for really cold conditions.


$ 118$ 123

Mens Triathlon Shorts

Stolen Goat Mens Tri Shorts

$ 152
$ 24$ 48
$ 24$ 48