Climb & Conquer Winter Cycling Gloves


Hey Goat! Buy this item and get 40 Goat Coins!
Hey Goat! Buy this item and get 40 Goat Coins!

The Climb & Conquer winter cycling gloves, here to keep your hands happy when the temperature drops. Offering superb warmth and protection, without compromising on manoeuvrability or feel.

These are a full-finger, waterproof and windproof pair of winter cycling gloves. Featuring a silicone pattern on the palms for ultimate grip, and a long wrist to prevent any chilly gaps between your gloves and your jacket. They even have touch screen fingertips, so you don’t need to remove your gloves to use your phone or cycling computer. Perfect for scoping out your route, or checking how far until the next café stop.

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Weather: wet
Temperature: cold
Fit: medium


  • 100% waterproof
  • 100% windproof
  • Seamless
  • Silicon dot pattern on the palm to maximize grip on the handlebars
  • Close fit results in good heat retention
  • Super stretchy
  • Long wrist prevents gaps from appearing between the glove and jacket
  • Touch screen fingertips
  • Fairly thin for winter gloves - not excessively bulky.




Machine wash cold, 30 degrees


Stolen Goat Climb & Conquer Winter Cycling Gloves // Cold Temperatures

Our winter cycling gloves are waterproof, windproof, stretchy and seamless. They’re designed to provide maximum manoeuvrability and feel in the hands whilst you ride, without compromising on warmth.

Great on their own, or paired with a liner for freezing temperatures, they will protect you against the vast majority of weather conditions. Shod with a grippy silicone bar pattern on the palm, your hands will also have maximum grip on the bars when the rain is apocalyptic.

Winter gloves often suffer from being excessively bulky, making gear changes and gel-grabs clumsy and awkward. Stolen Goat’s Climb & Conquer winter cycling gloves combine all-round weatherproof qualities with stylish looks and a great feel, keeping bulk to a minimum.

Available in a subtle black and orange design with our instantly-recognisable goat head on the back, these winter gloves will look great with all your favourite Stolen Goat cycling kit.

67 reviews for Climb & Conquer Winter Cycling Gloves

  1. Lizzy Archer (verified owner)

    These are fantastically warm winter gloves. You know they are popular when unprompted your entire group ride turns up wearing them!

  2. Stuart Thompson (verified owner)

    Just the best winter gloves out there. Have tried many other brands, but find they are too bulky, too hot, too cold, to stiff..etc…. these are just spot on.
    double skin material but very flexible no issues with feed back from the levers. always felt in control. good grip but importantly super warm, windproof. I don’t over heat and get sweaty. Every rider should have a pair for these.

  3. Richard Thomas (verified owner)

    Bought in anticipation of the winter commutes. Seem Lovely and warm. Not tested the water resistant capabilities as yet.

  4. Paul Kemp (verified owner)

    The best winter gloves ever made

  5. tony (verified owner)

    super comfy winter gloves.

  6. Debra Davies (verified owner)

    I was a little sceptical that a soft fabric glove was going to work for winter riding , but reviews were promising so I ordered some . Amazing . I thought the lack of padding would be an issue as I never ride without padded gloves . No issue at all , they stay put …grips work really well . They are my favourite gloves for winter gravel riding when things get muddy and wet . If these wear out I will be straight back ordering another pair

  7. Jason Taylor (verified owner)

    Great winter gloves, my son even wears his to play football in.

  8. Susan Dickson (verified owner)

    Great winter gloves. Always out of stock!! So you know they are good.

  9. Andy Deacon (verified owner)

    Apocalypse proof gloves

  10. Daniel Archer (verified owner)

    Best winter gloves I’ve found. Slightly knitted as opposed to ski type gloves and I can still use my phone! No rain gets through these!

  11. Anna Carter (verified owner)

    Best winter gloves I have owned- comfortable and warm

  12. Colin Rowland (verified owner)

    These gloves keep fingers toasty warm on cold winter rides.

  13. Chris Jackson (verified owner)

    Great gloves perfect bar on the coldest of days (<0 deg), where an inner glove comes in handy.

  14. Rachel Welfoot (verified owner)

    These are without doubt the best winter cycling gloves you will find. I even wear them when just out walking. They’re so warm and comfy, you’ll never want to take them off!

  15. Oliver Fryer (verified owner)

    Awesome gloves. They got great reviews before I bought them and I can add that they live up to the hype. Great for chilly British winter rides.

  16. Ronny Jansson (verified owner)

    Aswome winter gloves

  17. Jack Sanders (verified owner)

    Great winter gloves, i wear them over the top of normal cycling gloves and then are very warm

  18. raymoseley30 (verified owner)

    Great gloves – fab for cold riding days

  19. Alexandra Craig (verified owner)

    Really good winter gloves. Thoroughly recommend. I was between sizes and the smaller of the two sizes was definitely the way to go. Stolen Goat Customer Service were fab as ever in helping me get the sizing right.

  20. cara.gam (verified owner)

    The BEST winter gloves. Warm and waterproof. I even hose the mud off my bike in them after winter fun on muddy trails.

  21. Catherine Browne (verified owner)

    Fantastic pair of gloves for 3 out of 4 of the Scottish seasons. Windproof and waterproof as promised!

  22. flucas (verified owner)

    Such great gloves ! Stretchy , warm , non slip , toasty warm , I bought 2 pairs and wear them for running & walking too!

  23. Tracey Stokes (verified owner)

    Best winter gloves. Really feel the cold in my hands but these gloves are fantastic. Great fit and protection for your wrists.

  24. Stefan Mortimer (verified owner)

    The best gloves I’ve owned, on or off the bike! Great fit, very comfortable, waterproof, not too thick. Most importantly, they are actually warm! If it gets really cold another thin layer underneath might be advisable.

  25. James Saunders (verified owner)

    The C&C gloves are nice and toasty in all but the most extreme conditions. When it was absolutely bitter I did wear some glove liners underneath and it helped. As advertised they keep out the rain and the snow without issue. Another plus is they don’t look out of place for everyday wear off the bike. For that reason I intend to buy a second pair before the onset of winter 22. There’s just one very minor gripe. Velcro is their enemy (they’ll stick to it) so fasten straps on shoes before putting gloves on. They’re still my favourite winter glove.

  26. velomental (verified owner)

    Having often struggled with winter gloves and temperature regulation I thought I’d try these but was sceptical before I bought them. I have been amazed at how good and comfortable they are and they are my go to winter gloves for most conditions now. Don’t ever stop making these! Highly recommended.

  27. Lucy Nelson (verified owner)

    Love these gloves, best winter gloves I’ve found! Keeps my hands toasty in very cold conditions and are very comfortable. I also wear these for running in! Worth every penny!

  28. Eddie Cross (verified owner)

    The number 1 glove full stop period. Waterproof and warm, plus the finger tips work on iPhone touchscreen perfectly.several of my friends herein Australia have now purchased them too after trying mine on.

  29. Duncan Slack (verified owner)

    I like these gloves although I’ve had issues with sweat. Taking them off at the coffee stop I put them inside my jersey otherwise it’s an unpleasant experience putting them back on. They soon warm up again. Could do with a version that has more padding and also a nose wipe. I’d definitely pay more for those features.

  30. Jason Taylor (verified owner)

    I’ve bought three pairs of these, that’s how much I like them!

    I had a pair of the first iteration of the gloves. They have now become my winter football gloves.

    The second improved pair are my go to winter riding gloves, love them.

    The third pair I bought my son who complained of cold hands when riding he loves his pair and wears them for riding AND football.

  31. carmenparfitt1 (verified owner)

    These are amazing gloves – super warm and keep your hands nice and dry! Easy to still be able to use Garmin and iPhone with these gloves on, highly recommended

  32. Jacqui Green (verified owner)

    Best winter gloves I’ve ever had, amazing value for money.
    Great fit and have kept me hands warm through rain, hail and the occasional snow shower.

  33. al.flint (verified owner)

    Great winter gloves, we all have them in my household and don’t just use them for cycling, warm, water-resistant and very versatile

  34. Martin Ingram (verified owner)

    Warm comfortable gloves , not bulky which is good for the road shifters , the water proofing works well , I’m very impressed

  35. Scott Tate (verified owner)

    Wow these gloves have surprised me, very warm and very waterproof! I would recommend them for winter riding or anything below 10 degrees or so

  36. Martin Ingram (verified owner)

    I got a pair for my son for the various events we go to as I was really impressed with my pair for riding so for general use they are amazing.

  37. Kim Smith (verified owner)

    I bought these gloves in November, winter month, and can say these are not winter gloves. I ride all year round come rain or shine, but within 5 minutes into a cold morning ride my hands were very cold.
    What I will say is that my hands stayed dry in several downpours, but again not warm. Definitely a spring and or Autumn glove, but winter, no. I even tride them with silk linners, no joy. If you suffer with cold hands these may not be the gloves for winter riding. Well made and comfortable glove having said all that.

  38. Wendy Davies (verified owner)

    Recently bought these gloves and swapped to XS – I’m 5’10” slim build. Still felt they were a little roomy in the palm. Very disappointed with them as they do not keep your hands warm at all. I’ve yet to try in the wet. I have cycled with one hand in this glove and one hand in another and these, despite being much more expensive, were the worst!

  39. Michael Page (verified owner)

    Best gloves every, these arrived two days before the snow and they were perfect for the -6c conditions.

  40. Michael Page (verified owner)

    I have owned loads of winter gloves before but these are the best by far.

  41. Matt Roff (verified owner)

    Surprisingly comfortable (previously not been a fan of open-knit riding gloves).
    They are fantastic I. The cold damp of late autumn and early winter, and are firmly positioned as my go-to gravel gloves!
    Despite relative chunkiness, levers and shifter can still be operated without difficulty, unlike so many other winter gloves.
    Highly recommended!

  42. Catriona Buchanan (verified owner)

    “Best gloves ever” says my son who loves these, they keep his hands warm and toasty. I’m about to buy another pair for myself.

  43. Douglas Gordon (verified owner)

    Brilliant for riding and keeping your hands warm. Even in wind chill below zero Celsius, my hands remained very comfortable.

    The touchscreen tips don’t work for me, but that really isn’t what I bought them for, and if I’m using a touchscreen it will be with gloves off anyway.

  44. Matthew Towers (verified owner)

    A really warm, low bulk option. The waterproofing is a nice touch and they’re incredibly comfortable to wear. I feel the cold in my hands more than most and have found these to be good in most conditions.

  45. Nigel Fenwick (verified owner)

    Just completed a four day touring trip in cold (~3 deg C ) drizzly conditions. I have Raynaud’s and these gloves did a better job that any other gloves I’ve ever tried. I still had numb fingers a couple of times – but just a couple as opposed to all the time!

    These gloves did a great job of keeping my hands dry and functional. I will be using them a lot.

  46. Matthew Coulton (verified owner)

    Super warm and super comfy. Sizing was spot on

  47. Martin Ingram (verified owner)

    My son still loves wearing these for the school run to keep the chill off he’s really happy with them , fantastic gloves

  48. Chris Owen (verified owner)

    These gloves are the best winter cycling gloves I have worn. Fantastic product.

  49. Leza Maloney (verified owner)

    Great winter gloves. I do occasionally put a thinner pair underneath in the depths of winter as I feel the cold. They fit perfectly and keep their shape.

  50. Andrew Brown (verified owner)

    Disappointed, first cold (4C) morning of the autumn and first time with these gloves. Hands were not warm at all, really felt the cold.

  51. David Graham (verified owner)

    Favourite gloves, surprisingly warm and also waterproof, not Scottish waterproof but light rain no probs.

  52. richardedavid (verified owner)

    I purchased two pairs of these gloves and they are the best gloves I have
    bought, they kept my hands dry all through last winter and warm as I suffer with Raynauds which normally my hands get freezing, but not with these would fully recommend 👍

  53. richardedavid (verified owner)

    Great gloves kept hands warm all last winter and dry fully recommend 👍

  54. mrnjfreeman (verified owner)

    Very good cold weather gloves. In extreme cold (near zero) my hands were still cold but less so than with other gloves I’ve tried.
    Hands stay dry in light-medium rain but not impervious to the absolute downpour I was out in a couple of weeks ago!
    I’m an S in SG mitts but went for XS in these and they fit well.

  55. johndavies22 (verified owner)

    One word ‘Excellent’ These are the best winter gloves I have purchased and believe me I had bought loads of different winter gloves and none compare to these. Last season I bought a lot more expensive pair and they dod keep my hands dry for most of the ride but the cold soon got in. I was unsure at first but I have now worn them 5 times in some very cold temperatures -2 *c and with a liner my finger tips was slightly cold for about 5 minutes and then they were fine. I have been out in very heavy rain twice in low temperatures 4*c and agin my hand were kept warm and dry. I will be getting another set of these. I would also like to say the customer service I received from Alison was fantastic. Thank you Stolen Goat.

  56. Paul Seamons (verified owner)

    I have worn these gloves in mostly dry conditions since receiving them and they have been excellent at keeping my hands warm and maintaining dexterity. I wore them in moderate rain yesterday and can confirm that they are 100% NOT waterproof! My hands were absolutely soaked and very cold. I had to wear a pair of disposable nitrile gloves underneath,to get feeling back in my fingers.
    These gloves are showerproof, but definitely no good in sustained rain.
    Very disappointed and cannot see how they can be advertised as 100% waterproof when they are obviously nothing of the sort!

  57. sara_haveron (verified owner)

    Run, don’t walk!

    I’ve had my Stolen Goat Climb & Conquer Winter Cycling Gloves for a few months, wearing them twice a week on my commutes to and from work.

    Thought they were decent gloves until today… chill factor of -6 on my return journey and 14 miles later, I arrived at home with toastie warm hands. There was wind and sleet, but boy oh boy these are fantastic gloves! 🧤

  58. Karon Evans (verified owner)

    Very disappointed , my hands are still frozen with these on

  59. Karon Evans (verified owner)

    Not worth the money , don’t keep my hands warm , not worn in the rain yet so don’t believe they are waterproof

  60. Louise WHITTLE (verified owner)

    Sorry. I’m not a fan. Bought these in March and been using them 9 months. If you are not sure of sizes go up. There is no stretch.

    I am an all weather cycle commuter and get really cold hands in winter. I was highly recommended these gloves.

    They are not warm. They are not waterproof. They feel scratchy. There is no wipe area on the thumb. I cannot work out why so many people rave about them. I have gone back to my padded waterproof gloves. So disappointed, especially at this price!

  61. Phil Hayes (verified owner)

    Great gloves, best winter gloves I’ve had by far – not just for cycling. They’re so good I’m buying another pair as spares

  62. darren.hutchins83 (verified owner)

    Great gloves for warmth and fit. Was a bit sceptical at first with the price and wondering if there is such a thing as a decent glove. I took a shot and agree with the comments that recommend these gloves. Love them.

  63. Zoe Newsam (verified owner)

    What everyone else said! A little more generously sized than a lot of gloves so don’t size up, but basically a really toasty, comfortable pair of great quality gloves.

  64. Stuart Fisher (verified owner)

    These gloves are just great, best winter gloves I have ever owned.

  65. kevbo220 (verified owner)

    These gloves are impressive, been let down with so many other brands and their claim to keep your hands warm. Had no issues at all with them and would recommend. I’ll be taking them to Flanders next week.

  66. Serena Ace-Hopkins (verified owner)

    Get them – there’s a reason they sell out

  67. Kevin Power (verified owner)

    These gloves are lovely and warm down to about 4oC. However, apart from light drizzle they are not waterproof. Once the water gets in on a really cold day my hands are numb after 30 mins. Having said that I have yet to find a waterproof glove. Will try neoprene.
    They fit well and are comfy despite the lack of padding. The touchscreen tips work well (even when wet).

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