Our men’s Polka Black mesh base layer is super lightweight and ultra-breathable – yet strong and durable. With fast-wicking and drying, it helps to draw moisture away from the body for quick evaporation so you can feel fresh even in hot, sticky conditions.


Pair it with a bodyline jersey on warm summer rides or layer it up for extra protection on cooler days – our base layers perform well in all conditions.

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Fit: medium


  • Lightweight construction - reinforced lightweight mesh construction allows for greater breathability, airflow and stretch, whilst keeping strong and durable.
  • 4-way stretch - unlike other materials, this can stretch in 4 ways at the same time... meaning this will perfectly match the shape of your body.
  • Taped neck and armholes - we reinforce our super lightweight base layers at the neck, arms and body to achieve a more durable product.
  • Fast wicking & drying - drawing moisture away from the body and dispersing it out onto the top layer for quicker evaporation times, helping your body feel fresh and stay at the right temperature.
  • Super breathable - lightweight in construction allows plenty of air to come in and the quality of the weave allows hot air and moisture to come out quickly. This makes our base layers amazing to use all year round.
  • Sleeveless - sleeve within a sleeve.... no thank you. Our base layer is sleeveless so you don't have the annoyance of a sleeve in a sleeve. This makes our base layer compatible with any over layer.
  • Men's specific fit - because men's and women's bodies are different.


Stolen Goat Men’s Polka Black Base Layer // Comfort Fit – Hot or Cold, It’s Got You Covered //

Spot the difference with our men’s Polka Black mesh base layer, keeping you cool and comfortable when the heat is on. With next-level breathability and wicking you’ll never be distracted by that jersey-sticking-to-your-back discomfort again.

Our base layers are made from a reinforced mesh material. They’re lightweight, comfortable and breathable without compromising on durability.

Whether you’re cresting a climb, riding off into the sunshine or hitting those intervals on the turbo trainer. The Stolen Goat mesh base layer quickly draws hot air and moisture away from the body for fast evaporation so you can feel fresh and focus on the efforts ahead.

And don’t forget, a base layer is for life not just for summer! Thanks to a sleeveless design (because no one likes an awkward sleeve within a sleeve situation) our bases can also be layered up with our Orkaan jerseys for ultimate comfort in cooler spring/autumn temperatures. And if you like to keep things toasty, you can even pop one under our Climb & Conquer jackets in the winter.

Wherever and whenever you’re riding, the Stolen Goat base layers are the ideal year-round garment that you won’t want to take off.

Size Chest Waist
XS 88-92 72-78
S 92-95 78-82
M 96-99 82-87
L 100-105 88-94
XL 106-110 95-101
XXL 111-116 102-107
XXXL 116-123 105>