Stolen Goat Men’s Hopper Cycling T-shirt


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The men’s Stolen Goat Hopper cycling t-shirt represents a slice of cycling and tour history. An homage to the 1942 Llangollen to Wolverhampton race which led to the formation of the British League of Racing Cyclists and the beginnings of the Tour of Britain.


Made from 100% organic cotton with a super soft feel and a super comfy fit, this t-shirt is ideal for easy rides and casual days off the bike.

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Weather: dry
Fit: casual


  • 100% organic cotton
  • Screen printed design
  • Soft on the skin
  • A great base layer in the winter and looks awesome when the sun is out.
  • Male specific fit


Stolen Goat Men’s Hopper Cycling T-Shirt // Casual Fit – Warm Temperatures //

Our men’s Hopper cycling t-shirt features a stunningly creative design, reminding us of the freedom and adventure that can arise when you go against the grain.

On 7 June 1942, a race was organised from Llangollen to Wolverhampton – going against the stance of the National Cyclists’ Union who fear massed racing on the roads would endanger all racing. The race led to the organisers and riders being banned. Not to be discouraged, in defiance these cyclists formed a new body: The British League of Racing Cyclists who called for not only massed racing, but a British version of the Tour de France

The Hopper t-shirt features ‘Tour of Britain Cycle Race’ written in bold, with a classic blue polka dot print and the number 42 created from photos of the 1942 Llangollen to Wolverhampton race. A wearable tribute to cycling and tour history.

Our 100% organic cotton tees are perfect for those casual rides and those chilled out days off the bike. The local café, the local shop – with a tee this comfy you’ll want to wear it everywhere. Plus, it’s also a great base-layer for your off-road riding.

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