Stolen Goat Bodyline LS Cycling Jersey – Men’s Retro Belgian Blue

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Well, what have we here…

This is the first year we’re stocking a collection of Bodyline Long Sleeve Cycling Jerseys. The Retro Belgian Blue design is back again this year but as a long sleeve. This ever popular design features a light Blue base colour with a bold Cream stripe across the chest and back, with two smaller Cream stripes on the sleeves.

This isn’t a thermal jersey, it is a long sleeve version of our Bodyline Jersey. That’s right the same raw cut, perfectly fitting sleeves, but all the way down to the wrist. Still 4-way stretch, breathable and UV protected with 4 ultra handy pockets, a neck protector and those all important YKK zippers. You have to try this awesome top on to understand just how it feels.

Wear it on its own in spring or early autumn, or under a jacket in winter for extra warmth on your arms, or on days where it’s super hot and you’re worried about burning your arms.

Or, just hang it on the wall – this thing is a work of art! Scroll down for sizing and features…