Pioneer Thermal Cycling Headband


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Hey Goat! Buy this item and get 10 Goat Coins!
Hey Goat! Buy this item and get 10 Goat Coins!

Chilly ears? Not in our Herd! When the cold starts to bite, our thermal cycling headbands are here to keep you toasty.

Designed to sit neatly under your helmet, the Pioneer cycling headband is made from lightweight and stretchy thermal material. Featuring a super cool pink and orange topography design, wear yours with your favourite Stolen Goat autumn/winter kit and you’ll be riding happy all season long.

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Temperature: cold


  • Thermal headband. Designed to be worn underneath your helmet to keep your ears warm when the cold bites.
  • ~9cm deep. 
  • Lightweight, stretchy thermal fabric. Sits neatly under your helmet.
  • One size.


Stolen Goat Pioneer Thermal Cycling Headband // Layer up against the cold

Ahh winter rides. When you can’t feel your ears (wait, can we ever feel our ears!?) and you get the ice cream headache… without the bonus of the ice cream. We’re getting cold just thinking about it! Thankfully, that’s where our thermal cycling headbands come in. Here to keep your ears toasty and your noggin nice and cosy when the temperatures drop.

Made from a soft, lightweight and stretchy thermal fabric our cycling headbands are designed to offer warmth and protection from the elements, while sitting neatly under your helmet.

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