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Mens Upstart Short Sleeve Tri Suit


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Hey Goat! Buy this item and get 96 Goat Coins!
Hey Goat! Buy this item and get 96 Goat Coins!

Fired up and ready to get started. With it’s eye-catching pink and purple graffiti-style design, the men’s Upstart tri suit will have you feeling ready to race.

This is a pro level tri suit, that will have you flying through the swim-bike-run like never before.

Engineered for speed and performance, designed for comfort. Ultra-aerodynamic, super stretchy and UV protective. This is a race suit that will have you feeling great, looking awesome and racing fast.

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Weather: changable
Temperature: warm
Fit: serious


    • Tri specific pad - developed in Belgium alongside professional triathletes and teams to create the perfect pad for the bike leg and zero interference during the run.
    • Made from a 4-way stretch material - our Tri suit is designed to match your body shape perfectly.
    • Front torso panel - Zip and un-zip just like a jersey for more comfort
    • Aerodynamic - Our suit fits tight to the skin... nothing to cause drag.
    • 2-way Breathable - Allows air to come in and wicks moisture out.
    • Fast drying - moisture is wicked away from the skin quickly and dispersed on the outer layer for fast evaporation time.
    • Long Airstripe half-length sleeves - provide optimal aerodynamics during the cycling leg, saving you up to 8-10W each sleeve (the equivalent of a disc wheel).
    • Long leg panels - for maximum coverage and aerodynamics
    • Lightweight fabric - Made from a fabric so lightweight and airy, you could forget it's on.
    • YKK front zip - A reliable, lockable front zip... it's the worst when you need to un-zip but can't.
    • UV Protection
    • Water Repellent - Hydrophobic surface repels water.
    • Active Seams Stitching - Stretchable in every direction ensuring maximum freedom of movement and greater durability.
    • 2 Rear Stash pockets - Fit in all the snacks.
    • Gender specific - This is the male version of our tri suit.



The rush of adrenaline as you dive into the water. The seamless transition from swim to bike. Hitting the run, feeling strong. Knowing there’s only a few more miles between you and that glorious finish chute feeling. From start to finish, the women’s Upstart tri suit will have you looking as strong as you feel.

A tri-suit is a one-piece suit designed to be worn for the swim, bike and run legs of a triathlon. Form-fitting and aerodynamic, without restricting your movement, it will help you to transition through the three disciplines without having to waste vital time getting changed.

The Stolen Goat tri suits are made from a lightweight, quick-drying fabric with 4-way stretch for a fit that’s as comfortable as it is speedy. Add in a water-repellent surface for the non-wetsuit swims, and long Airstripe half sleeves for optimal aerodynamics (saving you the equivalent watts of a disc wheel!) and you’ll be flying through the finish line before you know it.

The tri specific chamois pad has been developed in Belgium with pro triathletes and teams to create the perfect balance of comfort on the bike, without getting in the way when you’re running. A front zipped torso panel that zips and unzips like a jersey gives you versatility. Two back pockets allow you to carry your nutrition to fuel the fire. Meanwhile active seams stitching ensures maximum freedom of movement and zero chafe – perfect for long course racing.

Love the Upstart design? Check out the matching jammers for your swim training sessions!


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Size Chest Hip Approx Height
XS 82-88 82-88 165-175
S 88-94 88-94 170-180
M 94-100 94-100 175-185
L 100-106 100-106 180-190
XL 106-112 106-112 185-195
XXL 112-118 112-118 188>
XXXL 118-124 118-124 188>