Mens Jefferson Ibex Everyday LS Jersey


SKU: JE2472P
Hey Goat! Buy this item and get 85 Goat Coins!
Hey Goat! Buy this item and get 85 Goat Coins!
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Weather: dry
Temperature: cool
Fit: medium

Easy to wear all day, every day, this long sleeve jersey comes packed with all the premium features you need but is designed from the ground up to be less aggressive than our "Advanced" options.  Whether you're heading out for a long ride with a café stop, or a quick lunchtime loop, the Everyday LS Jersey is perfect to chuck on and head out the door, and of course it comes pre-loaded with Stolen Goat design flair.


  • Aerodynamic sleeves  with a neat, laser cut end. Close enough to feel reassuring but relaxed enough to not feel restrictive
  • 4-way stretch fabric. Our jerseys are made with mechanical stretch, giving a close yet comfortable fit that can stretch in 4 different directions. The result is a jersey that moves with you, and matches the contours of your body. Offering the ultimate fit for all riders, regardless of shape and size.
  • Warm weather jersey – breathable, quick-wicking and fast-drying. Our Ibex jerseys are designed to help you Find your Freedom in warmer temperatures. Made from premium fabric with two-way breathability, these jerseys quickly wick moisture away from your body.
  • Three easy-to-reach rear pockets. Bike tools, bike snacks. Whatever essentials you need to carry, keep them handy with three rear pockets – easily accessible on the move.
  • Hidden Pocket. Our zipped 4th pocket is perfect for keeping your cash, card and keys safe.
  • Full length zipper. You only notice a zip if it's bad. We only use market leading zippers on our garments
  • Neckline zip protector. No matter how great the zip is, if it rubs against your neck all day long, it’s annoying! A small zip garage at the neck of every Ibex jersey prevents contact with the skin.
  • Sublimated care instructions. We have printed the care instructions on the inside of the rear pocket to avoid needing a scratchy label.
  • Silicone elastic waist gripper. The cut and material used to manufacture our Everyday fit jerseys mean that the jersey should stay perfectly in place but we have added an elasticated silicone waist gripper to make sure it doesn't ride up.
  • Men's specific fit. 
  • Manufactured in Europe.


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The "Everyday" options in the range are designed to be a more "forgiving fit". Whilst they still offer great performance they should feel easier to wear all day, every day without feeling like you have stuffed yourself into a small space. Our aim is that if you wear a large in a t-shirt (for example) then you should be comfortably a large in the Everyday variants, with the option to size up or down if you want to change how aggressive the fit is.


  • Measure in CM for a more accurate fit.
  • Measure the widest part of your chest.
  • If your waist is wider than your chest, please follow the measurements of your waist.
  • Keep the measuring tape horizontal.
  • If in between sizes … Go up for a looser fit... Down for a tighter fit. But use your off the bike clothing as guidance
  • If in doubt, give us a shout!
Size Chest Waist
XS 82-88 72-88
S 88-94 78-84
M 94-100 84-90
L 100-106 90-96
XL 106-112 96-102
XXL 112-119 102-109
XXXL 119-126 109-116
XXXXL 126-133 116-123