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Aled Jones

One half of #teamjones

Bike: Lios Exactor (Aero,race bike), Lios Javelin (TT bike), Lios Bomber (Fat bike), Lios Bullet (Road bike)

Age group European triathlon champion in ’15

Now turned to full-time cycling, trying to go from cat 4 to cat 1 within one season.

Husband, dog owner, T5 adventurer, passionate about riding my bike and looking good whilst doing it.

Amber Mirza

Amber Mirza moved to Dubai from NYC 9 years ago. A doctor by profession, she gave up her career and moved to Dubai as the trailing spouse.

Passionate about fitness she became an indoor cycling instructor and personal trainer. Her love of indoor cycling lead to the outdoors and the rest was history.

Since then she has been pursuing all things cycling related. She is currently the team captain for the women’s cycling team – TREK Tigress- for TREK Bicycle Stores Dubai. Her main objective is to encourage more women into cycling as a sport and lifestyle.

She is the owner and operator of the website A website dedicated to cycling related formation in Dubai.

Follow my adventures
Follow my adventures on Instagram

Bruce Karsten

Nickname: The Bus – got this when racing, joke was to ‘jump on the bus’ when I put the power down.

Club: Walton Velo

Bike: Eddy Merckx EMX 525

Favourite Riding Spot: Chapmans Peak, Cape Town, South Africa

Best Event: Gran Fondo World Finals, Denmark 2015

First Bike: Steel frame Trek 1000 in blue and white with Shimano Sora Cycling

Tip: If you’re hurting, remember, so is everyone else – poker face!

What Am I doing Now: Full-time teacher and running Walton Velo on the Side.

Ambitions: To attend another age-group worlds, compete in the ITT and just enjoy my riding and make sure others get an opportunity to do the same

Chris Sills

Chris spent 17 years in HM forces as a Royal Engineer and has always had an interest in outdoor pursuits.  On leaving the Forces in 2012 he embarked on his biggest challenge to date, completing the UK Ironman in Bolton.

During training and the event he rediscovered his passion for running and now concentrates on this discipline although he can be found out on his road bike at times.

Ambitions are to take part in the 2019 Spine Race, which covers the whole of the Pennine Way a distance of 268 miles in 7 days on foot.

I am never going to be the fittest or fastest but the desire to push myself is within me.

A family man who likes a challenge. Mantra:   NEVER GIVE UP.

follow my adventures
Follow my adventures

Helen Jones

The shorter half of #teamjones  

Age grouper long distance triathlete – simply love riding my bike! 

Sprint to 10 1/2 hr Ironman within 6 months

Have a few adventures on the horizon this year including coast to coast involving a fat bike & a kayak. 

If the sun is out, my bike is out… 

Rita the retro Raleigh 

Lios Jav – Jimbob

Lios Bullet – Betty

Specialised Fatbike – yet to be named…

Leonie Keeling

Club: Not yet ….. stolen goat?
Bike: Giant Liv Envie Advanced 2
Favourite Riding Spot: Shropshire, this may change with the exploring I’m doing this year…
Best Event:  I have had a few great events best being podium (1st) at Oulton park standard distance duathlon in march – and the hardest yet most honourable was competing in the ETU duathlon championships in Soria Spain in April this year.
First Bike: Carrera from halfords named the iron horse
Tip: If you have the motivation and determination anything is possible. And ultimately if at first you don’t succeed try try try try and try again! And keep trying Never give up!
What Am I doing Now: My plans for the year are to complete in a charity swim in Bala, multiple triathlons, Oulton park duathlon in October and the CW125 ride.
Ambitions: Qualify for GB age group again, promote swimming, biking, running and Stolen Goat far and wide.
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Follow my adventures on instagram

Meg Chard

Nickname:  Chardy / megs
Club: Isorex Cycling team when I am out here in Belgium but when I am in the U.K. i race for PMR @Toachim House
Bike:  Specialised tarmac on the road, and a DF4 on the track.
Favourite Riding Spot: Belgium!!
Best Event: I really like the flat windy open races
First Bike: My first bike was a Kuota Karma
Tip: Always stay at the front!
What Am I doing Now: This year I am living out in Belgium with my team. Racing my bike full time, doing a variety of races from just kermess racing to UCI races and even world tour events. Crazy considering last year I was just riding nationally.
Ambitions: I want to turn professional within the next two years. That’s the main aim. I really want to be part of the Wales Cycling Team that goes to commonwealth games next year, that has been a goal of mine for the past two years now. Then after, I just want to build and build to become one of the strong, consistent road riders.

Michelle Mumford

Nickname: Shell

Bike: Liv Envy Advanced 2

Favourite riding spot: the Lake District because it is one of the most beautiful places with so much to see. I find it peaceful and somewhere you can lose yourself.

Best event: London Revolution ride 2017 187 miles around London

First bike: Carrera Mountain Bike

Tip: Believe in yourself. If you want to do something then the only barrier is you. Your body is an incredible thing.

What am I doing now: Looking for a new adventure, a new challenge, something that feels impossible now, but can be worked towards and achieved.

Ambitions: I have several personal ambitions in life but now that I have discovered my love for cycling I want to take it as far as I can. I want to Adventure More.

Interesting fact: 6 months ago I would only ride off road, I was scared to cycle on the roads, roundabouts and junctions scared me and clip-ins were a no go. Winning entry into the London Revolution changed my life, it pushed me outside my comfort zone and I fell in love with cycling and all because I believed in myself.

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Nicole Pugson

Nickname – Cole , Puglet

Club – London Fields Triathlon Club

Bike – Cannondale Synapse but have my eyes set on a beautiful Cube bike in the near future!

Fav riding spot – in the UK it has to be through Essex, flat and smooth and I can’t resist a stop at the Blackmore Tearooms; best peanut butter in the county and [hands down] the biggest servings of cake. Outside of England, the Morvan National Parks in Burgundy, France are amazing; beautiful lakes and scenic views but be prepared for a few hills…!

First bike – before the Cannondale? Well, I can’t honestly remember but I could probably guess it had three wheels, pink handle bars and a basket on the front…

Tip – listen to your body. It’s a hell of a lot easier to prevent an injury than it is to repair it.

What am i doing now – gearing up for an exciting race season whilst juggling my job as a personal trainer. Somewhere in between that I’m probably eating peanut butter..

Ambitions – I have so many! To do a sub 6hr 70.3 – this season I have 2 and they will be my first middle distance triathlons. I really want to do the Xterra Swim-Run race in Norway, eventually get myself to Yosemite National Park and perhaps the Monaco Grand Prix!

Rudy Testa

Nickname: Rudarche

Club: None (stolen goat?)

Bike: Specialized Diverge

Favourite Riding Spot: Flander’s flat roads!

Best Event: Stelvio charity race (June 2016)

First Bike: 90’s Peugeot Mont Ventoux

Tip: Ride hard, Smile harder!

What Am I Doing Now: Training for the NorthCape 4000

Ambitions: Turning all car commuters into bike commuters ;-)

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Follow my adventures on Instagram

Sam Farrar

Nickname: I’ve never had a nickname, that I know of….

Club: I’ve never joined a cycling club, I just prefer having free reign to go wherever I please.

Bike: Trek Remedy 9.8 mountain bike, De Rosa SK Pinnifarina special occasion road bike, Parlee Z5i as my daily rider, Surly Pacer, BMX, trials bike and a cyclocross bike.

Favourite Riding Spot: The Lake District (Home), Mallorca – road bikes and Finale Ligure – Mountain bikes

Best Event: Kinlochleven Enduro or PMBA Enduro Series

First Bike: Redline micro bmx

Tip: If you want it enough, then you will find a way of getting it.

What Am I Doing Now: Working for Trek Factory DH Team, alongside the Athertons, Kade and Muddy.

Ambitions: To ride my bike in new places and to go on more adventures. I also have a wild ambition that one day I will own a small bike shop with a little cafe on the side, serving the best coffees and the best veggie food around. Im not even a vegan, I just like food!

Tim Panagis

Club: Ann Arbor Velo Club

Bike: Trek Emonda SL6, Bike Name: Lidt Thorbjorn (Little thunder bear)

Favourite Riding Spot: Anywhere with good friends

Best Event: Endurance Road

First Bike: Trek 2300ZR

Tip: Riding a bike is the closest humans will get to flying!

What Am I doing Now: Software Engineer at Ford Motor Company

Ambitions: See and do as much as I can on two wheels!

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