Join our affiliate cycling program – monetise your blog


Do you have a cycling blog and / or a growing social media presence in the cycling scene? Running a cycling blog and keeping your social media account active and interesting takes work and commitment, no matter how much you love it. We appreciate that so we’ve created an affiliate program for anyone into our brand, specifically cyclists, cycling clubs & teams and anyone who is passionate about getting a little more adventure from life.

If you’d like to monetise your blog and / or social media account via a trustworthy source then the stolen goat affiliate cycling program is ideal. We treat our affiliates like partners, together we can grow, have some fun and make a little money along the way to carry on with World Domination. Signing up to the program is simple and quick, once approved you’ll be up and running in a couple of minutes. Sign up here or read on for a little more info…

About Our Affiliate Cycling Program

The program is open to anyone who is looking to make extra money through cycling and has a relevant platform to publish / broadcast on. This can include:

  • A cycling or outdoor sports website or blog
  • A sizeable or engaged social media following on facebook, instagram, pinterest or twitter
  • A youtube channel relevant to the industry we operate in.

You’ll be an individual or company with a cycling related audience. We aren’t interested in spammers and everyone will be vetted prior to approval. That said, you needn’t have the Worlds biggest following. We operate a credible business and so are looking for credible partners big or small.

As a member of our affiliate cycling program you’ll be able to publicise our website, blog and of course products. Any sales that come via your traffic (in a 45 day window from initial click) will generate a commission for you which will be paid directly to you via Paypal or any other payment method we have set up.

Whilst anyone is welcome to join, this program will work far better for you if you already know us and love our products as you’ll be able to pass on our praise with genuine experience. Word of mouth is important for us, we’ve grown in this manner already and so have set this up to give something back to those who are already doing it. Some will use it to pay for their next stolen goat product or two, some will use it to escape the rat race. Get on board, be adventurous and creative and good things will happen…


What is affiliate marketing? How Does affiliate marketing work?

Essentially there are 3 pieces to the puzzle: the transactional website (, the publisher (you) and the customer. You’ll drive web traffic to us and a once a customer completes a purchase you’ll be awarded a commission on that sale, and also on any further purchases that customer makes in a 45 day window (even if they don’t come via you the next time around).

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you, as the publisher, earn money for simply doing what you already do – recommending great products. There are no set up costs for you and you can be earning money whilst you sleep. The more effort you put in, the more you’ll get out. And as your website, blog or platform grows your payouts will grow too.