Lifetime Guarantee //

At stolen goat, we want you to have the freedom to choose beautiful kit that matches your personality and gets you out on the roads and trails safe in the knowledge that you are buying a quality product that will last for many happy miles.

Yes, everyday wear and tear, washing and mishaps may take their toll on your beloved kit over the years, but relax – we’ve got you covered.

Thanks to our partnership with Clothes Doctor, ALL of our clothing is covered by our lifetime guarantee. We want every bit of kit we produce to last as long as it possibly can – it’s sustainable, it’s achievable and it is what you deserve.

Here's How It Works:

1) Buy any clothing product from
2) Ride, run, swim or simply relax in it and enjoy it to the fullest for up to 5 years!
3) If anything goes wrong with the product in that time (stitching, holes, minor crash damage etc.) contact us on with details and pictures.
4) We will assess the best solution to repair or replace the garment and provide a claim reference.
5) If we believe the product can be suitably repaired, we will ask you to send it to Clothes Doctor and pay them directly.
6) Once you are satisfied with the repair, Stolen Goat will cover your repair costs, including shipping, in the form of store credit for
7) That’s it!

Freedom is knowing that we have your back – always.


– Clothing is guaranteed for at least 5 years based on an estimate of reasonable and expected lifetime of the products in normal use conditions.
– We will, however, also consider fair claims outside of the 5 year period.
– For major, un-repairable damage we will offer a discounted replacement or voucher as per our Crash Damage Policy
– Customers must pay any repair charges up front to Clothes Doctors and will be provided store credit only, based upon the invoice from Clothes Doctor.
– Shipping costs will be covered up to an agreed maximum amount on each individual claim.
– Overseas (non-UK) customers have a right to the 5 year guarantee but the process may be handled differently for practical reasons.
– This policy is our gift to you, our customers and the environment. It does not affect your statutory rights.
– We reserve the right to exchange if we so wish at our sole discretion.
– We reserve the right to reject claims which we feel seek to abuse the guarantee policy.
– We reserve the right to amend the repair/crash damage policy at any time without notice