Crash Damage Replacement Policy //

Freedom is… knowing that we will take care of you, even when the worst happens.

Hopefully, most of us will be lucky enough to avoid any serious issues on our bikes in our many happy years of cycling but now and then circumstances conspire against us and we end up falling off our bike. Not so good.

We hate hearing about these cases for any cyclist, but for a member of the stolen goat HERD it hurts all the more. Our first concern will always be that you are okay, but, once we know you are recovering, we also need to know about your beautiful SG kit and whether it came through unscathed!

If it is damaged – we have good news for you. :-)

Here's how it works:

1) Contact us on explaining what happened and with pictures of the damaged item(s).
2) We’ll assess whether the damage can be reasonably repaired under our Lifetime Guarantee
3) If we believe that a repair attempt is not suitable we will offer you a 50% discount on a replacement item by means of a voucher.
4) For older items that we no longer stock, you are free to use your voucher on something new OR we will even see if we can offer to remake the original for you. Great news if you have one of our early limited editions!


– Crash damage policy is limited to 5 years from purchase in principle.
– We will, however, also consider fair claims outside of the 5 year period.
– For minor damage, we will refer to our Lifetime Guarantee Policy
– We may ask for the damaged item back to recycle or re-use in line with our sustainability goals
– This policy is our gift to you, our customers and the environment. It does not affect your statutory rights.
– Kit that needs to be remade specifically for a customer is subject to lead times according to our production facilities. Typically 6-8 weeks.
– We reserve the right to make an alternative offer if we so wish at our sole discretion.
– We reserve the right to reject claims which we feel seek to abuse the guarantee policy.
– We reserve the right to amend the repair/crash damage policy at any time without notice