Custom Cycling Kit by Stolen Goat

Completely bespoke cycling kit, made to order from premium materials. Combining quality, comfort and durability with the Stolen Goat custom service, you’ll work with one of our account managers to create a custom collection of kit that will inspire your adventures and truly reflect your style. Whether you’re looking for club kit, cyclewear for an organisation or for an event, we can help with a wide variety of custom kit and accessories.

  • Custom cycling kit, produced on demand.
  • Comfort, quality and style with durable materials and prints.
  • Simple, fuss-free ordering process with help from our team from start to finish.
  • Excellent customer support and aftercare.
  • Perfect for clubs, groups, charities and events.

How to order your custom cycling kit //

There’s just a few simple steps to get your own high quality, custom cycling kit.

1. Get in touch and let us know what you need

Drop us a line at and let us know what kit your after, any idea of quantities and how soon you need it. If you’re after some general information to browse at your leisure, check out our Custom Brochure which contains details of MOQs and pricing.

2. Initial Consultation

The custom process will start with an initial consultation to discuss your requirements. Once you’ve decided you’d like to proceed and create your custom kit with Stolen Goat, your Account Manager will send you a Custom Terms and Conditions document. Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to sign your life away…it just makes the relationship official, ready for the ride ahead. At this point, we’ll also ask for a deposit of £250 to cover design and administrative time, which will be refunded for initial orders meeting or exceeding £1000 (inclusive of VAT.)

3. Design Process

After the T&C’s have been signed and deposit received, the design process will start with a consultation to help you generate ideas or discuss and club colours or design ideas you’ve already got in mind. The designer will need any logos, brand assets and Pantone colour references if you have them, before they can start designing your kit. Our designer will build up your custom kit design onto a template. You’ll have the opportunity to review the design, with two rounds of amendments, before giving your final approval.

4. Ordering, Production and Distribution

We can offer 3 options for ordering and distribution:

  1. A bulk order, delivered to you Once you’ve approved your design, for a bulk order we will require you to collect sizes and quantities and send to your Custom Account Manager, who will then arrange an invoice. Once paid, your kit will enter production with a 4-5 week lead time. We will ship your order to one address once it arrives.
  2. A bulk order of stock for Stolen Goat to hold and distribute. With this option, the club/organisation purchases kit in advance, again with graded pricing available for higher quantities. Stolen Goat will manage and distribute the stock for you via a webshop, handling all transactions, packing and shipping. The club will receive credit for sales made, minus shipping and service charges.
  3. Pre order web shop – Stolen Goat will build a webshop with your chosen items. Once built, your Account Manager will agree dates for an order window so that your members can visit the shop and order as they please. At the end of an order window your Account Manager will discuss order quantities and any additional orders the club might like to make to top up numbers. Again, lead times are 4-5 weeks from when the kit enters production at the end of an order window. Once the kit is ready, we will ship it out directly to your members. No graded pricing is available for this option.

Stolen Goat Custom: FAQs //

What kit/accessories can I get customised?

Freedom is… great looking kit, suitable for all kinds of rides and adventures. With that in mind, our custom range is pretty extensive! We offer custom cycling jerseys, bib shorts, jackets, gilets, race suits, arm warmers, caps, socks, mitts, and more… drop us a line with what you’re after to find out more.

What are the minimum order quantities?

We have sensible MOQ’s  – 5 for many items.  See our Custom Brochure for more details.

How much does custom kit cost?

We offer very affordable pricing for custom kit, with no compromise on the design or quality. For initial orders meeting or exceeding £1000, the initial deposit of £250 to cover design and administrative time will be refunded. We also offer graded pricing – the higher the quantity, the better the price. See our custom brochure for more information of individual articles.

What size do I need?

We know that awesome-looking kit is no good if it doesn’t fit properly. With that in mind, for a small fee of £20 we can send out sizing samples for you and your Herd to try on to make sure you can get the perfect fit. This fee is fully refundable once you place your order.

Can I order more of my custom kit at a later date?

Yep! After your first order, subsequent orders of the same design will just require you to meet the MOQ for the article being ordered.

How long will it take for my custom kit to arrive?

Typically, there’s 4-5 week lead time for your custom kit to arrive. Once the order is placed you’ll receive an estimated delivery time, and once it’s ready and shipped we’ll let you know.

What is the returns policy for custom kit?

Unfortunately we can’t accept returns for custom kit – however it is covered by our Lifetime Guarantee and Crash Replacement Policy.

What aftercare will I receive?

We’re all about taking care of our customers the way we would want to be treated ourselves. You’ll receive support all the way through the design process, and we’ll keep you in the loop once your order is placed. It’s not a case of getting you your kit and then sending you on your merry way. We always want to look after you, so our custom kit also qualifies for our Lifetime Guarantee and Crash Replacement Policy. If you need any help or have any questions, our friendly customer service team will always be happy to hear from you:

For MOQ’s and pricing, take a look at our Custom Brochure

Perfect for clubs, race teams, businesses or charities looking for an extra special jersey for an event. Whether you’re showing your allegiance on the Sunday morning club ride, representing your team at races or looking for some awesome kit for a mass participation event you’re organising. With Stolen Goat, you’ve got a full custom kit service that will have you standing out from the crowd.

We’re all about helping people to ride how they like, wearing kit they love. With sensible minimum order quantities, Stolen Goat makes the process of creating awesome, bespoke kit accessible. And with a simple ordering process, you can rest assured that we’ll be here to guide you through your custom kit journey from start to glorious ‘new kit day’ finish.

“So glad we contacted Stolen Goat when looking for a kit supplier to provide real life kit to match our Zwift Racing Team’s in game kit.
Aeonian Zwift Team

Stolen Goat offer a full custom cycling kit service. From clubs, race teams and businesses, to charities seeking an extra special jersey for an event.

Custom cycling kit options //

Great looking kit, suitable for all kinds of rides and adventures. With Stolen Goat custom, you can get an extensive range of customised cycling kit and accessories – completely unique to you.

Our custom kit comes from the same top-notch suppliers as our own collections, meaning you can ride happy knowing you’ve got the same incredible Stolen Goat quality and durability – with the added bonus of your very own bespoke design.

  • Jerseys

  • Shorts

  • Jackets

  • Gilets

  • Race Suits

  • Accessories

Why choose Stolen Goat for your custom cycling kit //

We have thousands of happy customers who can attest to the way we do business. Freedom is at the heart of everything we do… freedom to ride when, where and with who you want. Freedom to be comfortable no matter the conditions. Freedom to ride at your chosen speed on your chosen surface. Freedom to get the exact design you want that’s bespoke to you and your group.

We have some of the highest quality suppliers in the world, including Bioracer: the custom cycling kit specialists who supply kit to race winning athletes including Team Ineos, the Belgium, German and Netherlands national cycling teams.

Since 2012 Stolen Goat has been building, from the ground up, our very own logistics platform. Your cycling group can leverage this platform to give you an effortless ordering & delivery process. We will help you create an outstanding and totally bespoke design for your custom cycling kit, all you need to do is choose which of our lovely products to use as your base.

I think we must be the best dressed cycling club thanks to Stolen Goat.
Cowley Road Condors

  • Premium quality

  • Design support

  • Simple ordering process

  • Experienced, dedicated account managers
  • Made to order with fast manufacturing and shipping
  • Perfect for your club, charity or event.
  • Industry leading material suppliers

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