Whether it’s our extensive knowledge of the long range weather forecast, our disproportionate cycling kit versus regular clothes ratio or our unique ability to track down a coffee stop, wherever we are in the world… there’s something about spending time on two wheels that seems to craft a few universal traits that gives all of us cyclists something innately in common.

You know you’re a cyclist when…

You navigate by café stops, rather than place names

“You know, it’s the place with that café that does the really good lemon drizzle cake you like.”

You’ve developed a (borderline unhealthy) pre-occupation with wind speed and the long range weather forecast

Because no one likes a surprise headwind all the way home. Oh and by the way, there’s a 22% chance of rain three Saturdays from now…

You’ve had at least one comedy slow-motion unclipping-fail tumble

Falling over in slow motion at a junction because you’ve forgotten to unclip from the pedals is a cyclist’s rite of passage. And one most of us like to accidentally repeat every now and then, just to keep ourselves humble…

Your wardrobe has been slowly but surely taken over by cycling kit

The more kit we have, the less laundry we have to do. Plus, everyone knows #NewKitDay joy instantly saves you 5 watts out on the bike – right!?

You’ve accidentally dropped your phone on the floor at least once because you’ve forgotten you’re wearing ‘regular clothes’ and tried to stash it in your (non-existent) rear jersey pocket.

But seriously, petition for non-cycling clothes to have more pockets – please!

Sunday mornings on the sofa have been replaced with Sunday mornings adventuring on two wheels

Up and out before the rest of the world wakes up. Exploring new places, or just getting some fresh air with a spin around your favourite local loops. It’s not Sunday, until you’ve had your weekly bike fix.

You’ve discovered a whole new community of likeminded people

Whether it’s your regular riding buddies, your internet cycling friends – being an enabler for that N+1 incident from wherever they are in the world… or just that fellow cyclist out in the wild, giving you the ‘you’ve got this’ nod as you start to climb up the hill they’ve just cruised down. However often you ride, whatever your cycling discipline of choice: the second you turn the pedals – you’re instantly part of a community of likeminded people, united by the freedom of getting out on two wheels. Not found your Herd yet? Join ours! The Stolen Goat Herd Facebook group is filled with adventure-lovers who will be more than happy to chat all things bikes (and goats), whenever you need to.


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