“This is a turning point for women’s cycling…”

We talk all things women’s bike racing with Liv and Lauren from the Stolen Goat Race Team

In this episode of Tails From The Herd, we caught up with Liv and Lauren, who ride for the Stolen Goat Race Team, to get their insights and experiences of women’s cycling races. We discussed everything from how they got into racing in the first place – and what keeps them motivated to keep getting on start lines. To their top tips for anyone who’s interested in giving bike racing a go but isn’t sure where to start or how to overcome those initial fears and nerves. We also dove into what the women’s cycle racing scene is looking like here in the UK at both a local and national level, what the most accessible type of racing is for newcomers and why continuing to push for better media coverage and a higher profile of women’s professional cycling racing is key to growing the sport – from grassroots to elite levels.

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