Folded laundry, dripping paint, Hawaiian shirts and the Big Lebowski… what have they all got in common? Being the inspiration behind some of our favourite SS22 cycling jersey designs, of course!

Our Chief Designer Trevor is the kind of GOAT who manages to find a bit of magic and creativity wherever he looks. From the way the sunlight is filtering through his favourite beer, to the pattern of a block of flats. What might just be an everyday sight to the rest of us, is quickly turned into inspiration for Trevor.

After being just a little bit mean and making him pick his two favourite SS22 jersey designs – a choice almost as tough as what cake to go for at the mid-ride café stop, for sure – Trevor gave us some insights into how the Waffle and Lebowski designs were brought to life…


“‘Aloha’ shirts have ebbed and flowed in and out of fashion, but I’ve always had a handful of them in my wardrobe for what seems like forever. Some collected vintage, and some brand new. Despite the fluctuations in popularity, right now they are very much on trend and looking to hang about for quite a while. I was inspired by a few things when creating the Lebowski Hot and Lebowski Cool jerseys: Elvis in Blue Hawaii, Tom Selleck in Magnum PI, Andy Samberg in Palm Springs… and my favourite LA slacker of all time: Jeff Bridges as ‘The Dude’ in The Big Lebowski. Even though he doesn’t wear a Hawaiian shirt in the movie, the story of an individual very much doing what he wants, at his own pace is what I love. To me, The Dudes’ spirit embodies quite a lot of what Stolen Goat is all about.”

Available in the men’s Lebowski Hot cycling jersey, the women’s Lebowski Cool jersey, plus a matching cap and swim jammers. The Lebowski design has certainly been a firm favourite with The Herd this year!



“I love this jersey design so much. I’ve always liked drippy art made with Krink paint pens, but I’d never really thought about using them to make a shirt design. So this was a real first attempt at it. I had seen a picture of a pile of different coloured t-shirts all neatly folded up. I tried to emulate it by stacking up dripping ink marks that had simply been painted on to a sheet of paper and held up, allowing the ink to run down in a controlled way. Then I scanned it, cleaned it up and vectorised it. I think I’ve used just about every fluorescent colour available in the producer palette to get the effect! Another happy little accident.”

A true hero of the SS22 collection, the Waffle design is available as a men’s, women’s and kid’s cycling jersey, with cycling mitts, a bandido and a water bottle to match. You can even get it as a tri suit. From a pile of folded t-shirts, to some dripping inks on a page… to a full collection of cycling and tri kit. That’s a pretty cool journey!


Which is your favourite design from our SS22 collection?