Introducing the Adventures with Art Tate Capsule Collection. Bringing art and cycling together to create a truly stunning collection of jerseys and accessories. It’s been tricky to keep this one under our cycling caps after many months of anticipation, so we hope you love it as much as we do.

At Stolen Goat, drawing together our passion for art and cycling is something we love to do. So you can imagine our excitement when we had the opportunity to trawl the Tate archives and create our very own collection of cycling kit and accessories that brings some of our favourite works into a whole new dimension.

A passion and appreciation for art and design is woven into the fabric here at Stolen Goat. With everything we do, we aim to push the envelope with creative cycling kit that empowers the wearer to see things differently. To find the freedom to Adventure More.

We’ve had the privilege of collaborating with artists before, with our Stolen Goat X Artist collection – showcasing the talent and creativity of a wide range of artists. We’re all about cycling kit that goes beyond the purely functional. We like to create kit that sparks conversations through its imagination and flair. That brings joy and confidence every time someone zips up their jersey or pulls on their socks. Working with artists gives us the opportunity to create living, breathing pieces of art – and then send them out into the world for adventures on two wheels.

The Adventures with Art Tate Capsule Collection brings to life the kinetic energy created by colour and line. It inspires the wearer to explore new perspectives. To dare to be unconventional. To be part of The Herd, but not part of the crowd.

Our new collection is based on the work of seven artists: Bomberg, Burra, Kandinsky, El Lissitzky, Mondrian, Spencer and Turner. The collection consists of cycling jerseys, caps, neck warmers and socks. From the exploration of hue, tone and intensity in the work of Jean Spencer, to the audacious departure from the conventional in the early geometric works of David Bomberg. This collection is a union of cycling and artistry, that is sure to inspire you to get out and embark on your very own Adventures with Art.

What’s more, the packaging for the jerseys in the collection makes use of the paper used to sublimate the design onto the fabric. Usually, this paper would be discarded or recycled in the manufacturing process. We’ve had each paper trimmed to size to wrap the jersey it was used to create. Not only does this create sustainable packaging, it means every customer ordering a jersey from the Adventures with Art collection receives a paper printed version of the artwork from the jersey they’ve ordered. Each one is ever so slightly different, which we think is pretty cool. You’ll also get a postcard with your Adventures with Art order, featuring a photograph of the artwork and information on the title, date and medium used to create it.

Ready to be bold and find your freedom in truly stunning kit? Check out the Adventures with Art Tate Capsule Collection here >>