Head of the heap, King of the hill, Queen of the mountains… Have you got what it takes make it to the top at the Stolen Goat South Downs Hill Climb Series 2021?

Goats and climbing go together like peanut butter and jam. So here at Stolen Goat we’re very excited to be sponsoring this year’s South Downs Hill Climb Series. Starting on 2nd October, the Series gives you 6 opportunities to climb the points rankings and power your way to victory.

Better give those quads a pep talk and get your climbing legs at the ready, because here’s what we’ve got in store for you:

Round 1 – 2nd October: Steyning Bostal

With a 7.8% average gradient over 1.5km, Steyning Bostal will have you feeling the burn.

Round 2 – 9th October: Steyning Bostal

“Wait, we have to do it all over again?” That’s right my friends, the Bostal is back for round 2 and now you’ve got the measure of this little quad-buster, it’s time to slay the beast once and for all.

Round 3 – 9th October: Mill Hill

A 2.9% average gradient might sound rather civilised compared to last week’s action, but don’t be fooled. If you want to get the crown here, you’ll need to average just under 30 km/h – with a maximum gradient of 10.9% over 4.8km.

Round 4 – 16th October: Firle Beacon

The 4th climb in the series takes us East to Firle Beacon, where the stunning views at the top are sure to make the effort to get there worth your while.

Round 5 – 16th October: Butts Lane

It might be short, but it’s certainly not sweet. With an average gradient of 13.3% and a maximum gradient of 19.1%, get ready to dig deep for a kilometre of “ouch”.

Round 6 – 7th November: Ditchling Beacon

It had to be the iconic Ditchling Beacon for your final chance to nab the crown. Just the small matter of a 1.5km climb with an average gradient of 9.1% stands between you and that ‘on top of the world’ feeling as you’re greeted by panoramic views of the South Downs.

Could you be the first King or Queen of the South Downs?

You’ll have the opportunity to earn points at each event you attend, and when the hard work is done the points will be tallied up to find the King and Queen of the South Downs. And, of course, South Downs CC share our values when it comes to equal opportunities so the prizes up for grabs will be equal across the female and male categories.

Whether you’re a seasoned mountain goat, or you’re just finding your climbing legs, everyone is welcome. Grab your bike, practice your best pain face and get ready to take on the challenge. There’s nothing like that “did I just do that?” feeling when you get to the top to make the hard work worth it!

Ready to summit the South Downs? Visit the Stolen Goat Hill Climb Series website for more information and to enter the races.