Hey Herd! I’m Jenny, a self-proclaimed triathlon-obsessed weirdo and… Stolen Goat’s new-but-not-new Kid on the block. Let me explain…

Back in 2018, I got an email asking if I’d like to hop aboard as a Stolen Goat Brand Ambassador. I’d just finished teaching a dance class to a group of pre-teens and the email had popped up on my phone as I paused my best attempt at a cool “down with the kids” playlist. As a huge fan of the brand, of course my natural reaction was to let out a very uncool excitable squeal. It earned me the very best eye-rolls from my students as they headed off to their next class. Regaining my composure, and just about refraining from replying in ALL CAPS, I swiftly responded. And the rest is goat history.

Since then, I’ve had the privilege of being able to share my triathlon and cycling adventures and get inspired by The Herd. To haul my hooves through countless of hours of swim-bike-run training and racing, dressed head-to-toe in my favourite Stolen Goat kit. My love of long-distance triathlon has grown exponentially… in direct correlation with the amount of peanut butter I seem to get through.

Growing from something I dabbled in, cycling and triathlon have become the things that occupy my mind 98% of the time. The other 2% is usually taken up by wondering if it’s too soon for another coffee. Or why it’s “goose and geese” but not “moose and meese”. If you have the answer to the latter, please do let me know as it’s currently filed under “things my English Literature degree didn’t teach me” adjacent to “how to build IKEA furniture without having an existential crisis.”

As well as letting my triathlon addiction run riot, the last few years have also seen me return to my communications/marketing roots. Leaving the world of personal training and dance teaching behind in favour of creating content and managing social media for a university. I’ve always enjoyed my work, but often found myself wistfully sighing “If only I could convince someone to let me write about bike stuff and cool adventures for a living.” A goat can only dream, right?

Then one fateful Thursday morning a Stolen Goat newsletter dropped into my inbox. They were looking for a Word Nerd to join the team. Another Stolen Goat email, another decidedly uncool squeal from yours truly. In fact, the excited squeal was so loud it made my poor husband jump out of his skin (and for some reason leap up and race out into the garden in his pyjamas) as I thundered down the stairs like a goat down a cliff, yelling something incoherent about Stolen Goat hiring for my dream job.

And so here I am. Having to double check every now and then that I’ve not dreamt this entire thing, but very excited to have joined The Herd as Content Manager. Doing what I love, and loving what I do. I’ll be here to share all the latest news, views and Stolen Goat escapades. To help inspire more people to find freedom on two wheels and chase their own personal adventures. And of course, as a total enabler I’ll be here to help you justify that N+1 bike/kit purchase whenever you need it.

But I don’t want it to be one way, because we’re a herd after all. And us goats are a noisy bunch – so let’s chat! I want to hear your stories. Every day, on our social media channels and in our Facebook group we see so many of you getting up to cool things. So I’d love it if you’d share your tales (or should that be tails? Sorry, I’ll see myself out…), your successes, your challenges. Keep tagging us, keep shouting about your awesome bike rides or that top notch café stop you’ve discovered. Together, we can continue to grow this amazing Stolen Goat community and inspire each other to adventure more.

The Low Down //

Name: Jennifer Lucas-Hill (but you can call me Jenny!)

Favourite type of riding: The kind that happens after a swim and before a run! But I’m also very partial to a café ride and I’ve just discovered that time trials are kind of awesome so watch this space.

Weapon of choice: My trusty Beast – a Canyon Speedmax CF 8.0 – for racing, and my shiny Liv Langma Advanced Pro 2 Disc for long explores, hilly rides and being first in line at my favourite coffee place.

Favourite SG jersey: I’d wear them all, all at once, given half the chance. But my current ensemble of choice is the Fitch Core Pink LS jersey, with the Predator base layer underneath so you just get a hint of the leopard print. Perfect for days when I need an extra bit of sass to channel my inner predator!

Superpower: Getting lost when it should be almost impossible not to. Car parks, slightly bigger than usual shops… I could probably get myself lost in a cardboard box if I tried hard enough.

If I was a goat, I’d be a: Pygmy goat, for sure. Small but determined (or some may say stubborn…)

The next adventure: Decision pending! After a few years focused on the full Iron distance triathlon (140.6 miles) I’m thinking 2022 might be the year of the middle distance 70.3. Time to get some speed in these little goat legs before I go long again in 2023. But then again, there’s something about that big scary full distance that keeps me coming back for more…

When I’m not on my bike you can find me: Being held hostage by my two sausage dogs. If you think goats are full of mischief, you should meet these two. Chaos.