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Did you see that abrupt Instagram post>>Β  all those months ago… The one featuring a pair of colourful Stolen Goat Cycling shoes with no explanation other than a “πŸ”’” as the caption… Yes, you know the post I’m talking about.
Well, 1 pair of those wild shoes (dubbed the unicorn shoe, for it’s mysterious and rare status) is up for auction and could be yours.

Since that photo was published, The Herd has been itching to find out more and I don’t blame you. It was rather cruel to post that photo without as little as an explanation (sorry) but now, hopefully, some questions will be answered.

It’s not the first time that Stolen Goat cycling shoes have appeared on the feed… an Instagram post>> back in 2018 is where it all began…

About the Stolen Goat Hinterland Cycling Shoes:

Produced by Spanish shoe manufacturer, Luck, the Stolen Goat Hinterland cycling shoes feature a lightweight, stiff carbon sole, 2 Atop reel-fasters on each shoe, a build quality of the highest level and of course, our rad Hinterland design printed on top (if you like the Hinterland design you can see our full collection here>>).

The main question I guess you all want to know is when are these naughty shoes going to be made available… well, they’re not. As you have seen by the title (1 of 6)… they will not release. They are a Staff only special with the exception of one pair which a member of staff has decided to auction for charity.

How can I get my hooves (hands) on this 1 pair?

It will be auctioned off with all proceeds being donated to Dementia Uk, a charity personally close to us.

For your chance to own this pair of Goat greatness and bragging rights the world over – please see the auction here>>

  • The shoes are brand new and have not been worn or tried on
  • Size Euro 45 – Uk 10.5
  • They will come in the Luck shoebox
  • The auction will run for 7 days
  • 100% of the money raised will be donated to Dementia Uk
  • 1 of 6 pairs in the world
  • Comfortable, well-made road cycling shoe.
  • Made in Spain – Shipped from the UK

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If you are disheartened that these won’t release to The Herd, do not despair, we have something in the pipeline. But that info is for another day.

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