A Notice To Our EU Customers…

Well, we stuck it out longer than many other small UK based businesses, but it is with a heavy heart that we have now (temporarily) decided to turn off shipping to EU customers.

There is currently just too much bureaucracy and red tape involved and the worst of it is that all the fees involved are being charged to the end customer – you guys. This then reflects badly on us and ultimately a lot of customers are understandably refusing the packages. So we’re paying in both directions with no upside.

So long but not farewell //

We see this as a short gap in our relationship, it’s definitely not forever and we are already working on solutions to make this as pain free as possible for you guys. Bear with us, we are a small business so we don’t have unlimited resources but we will get there as quickly as we can.

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What about me… I live in the EU and I really, really want something…?

If you’re in the EU (congratulations) and there’s something you really want and you accept that your package will probably be delayed and come loaded with import duties and fees then feel free to get in touch (help@stolengoat.com) and we will work something out with you on a one to one basis.


Many thanks for your patience from all of us at SG

Tim x


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