stolen goat autumn winter 2020 best sellers over the past 5 weeks

Hey Goats, it’s been over a month since we officially launched Autumn Winter 20. We hope you like the new collection? Have you a favourite?

So, 2020 has been a strange old year and for us, it has proved rather challenging in many different ways….

Tim, from the get-go, very cleverly set up this entire company to be able to work from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection. As legendary as he is, I don’t think even he saw what 2020 had in store for us but thanks to his genius we were pretty quick to react to the lockdown regulations and work from home. The first few weeks were strange not being able to burst out a few quick quips or smart-a*** comments that would’ve probably seen me earn another yellow card…. typing these puns and comments just doesn’t feel the same.

AW20 hasn’t been plain sailing, we had issues throughout the chain of business as you can probably imagine…. material suppliers and factories were closed for some time, we were late in selecting our range, there were manufacturing complications, photoshoot cancellations etc….. which all lead to the delay in launch. For the past few years, we have launched our AW ranges in August. This gives us time to analyse how things are selling and order what needs to be ordered to arrive before the new year. It also means that our UK customers can enjoy some of the new summer garments before the weather turns for the year.

But anyway, all the chaos aside.. we hope you are well and safe and we hope you love our latest collection as much as we do… we are super proud of it.

FYI – We have replenishment stock arriving every week or so, please keep checking the site to see if the garment(s) you wanted are now available. When the stock does arrive please order as soon as you can to avoid disappointment of it going out again (sorry). As the weather starts to get colder now, Orkaan is definitely needed at the minimum, layer up with a base layer and gilet or a rain cape for maximum protection and start to think about winter jackets. We see that the CC winter jackets are starting to pick up now so if you have your eye on one please get one sooner rather than later. If it goes out of stock it’s around a 5 week wait for stock to come in again.

Happy Cycling and stay safe.

Stolen Goat Autumn Winter 20 Best Sellers


Men’s Orkaan LS Jersey

Men’s Best Seller


Women’s Orkaan LS Jersey

Women’s Best Seller


Deep Winter Tights




Women’s Bodyline LS Jersey


Men’s Bodyline LS Jersey


Men’s Water-resistant Bib Shorts


Women’s Bodyline LS Jersey


Men’s Bodyline Jersey


Orkaan Water-resistant Leg Warmers


Water-resistant Tights


Women’s Climb & Conquer Winter Jacket


Men’s Rain Cape


Men’s Climb & Conquer Winter Jacket


Women’s Bodyline Jersey


Women’s Bodyline Jersey

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