Ride Your Way With Jilly // A Cycling Support Group For Women // Guest Blog Post By A Member Of The Herd

Ride Your Way With Jilly // A Guest Blog Post By A Member Of The Herd

A week ago, a customer and great supporter of Stolen Goat, Jill, messaged us to say that she was going to start a cycling support group on FaceBook for ladies. We loved what she had to say and her vision and wanted to help out where we could.

Here is what Jilly has to say:

Hi Ladies,

My name is Jill (or Jilly as known on my social media) and I have recently set up a Facebook group for ladies who love to ride their bikes but suffer from chronic conditions, mental health issues, or lack a bit of confidence when riding their bike.

The group is called Ride Your Way With Jilly and I am overwhelmed by the positive response I have received in just a few days of the group existing. We have over 200 ladies now from Scotland, to Australia, to Canada, all with different reasons for joining but with a myriad of issues in common. We are a group of like-minded, strong women who ride our bikes against various battles but have a close and safe community to discuss and share these battles with. Already communication and participation is exceptional and the feedback from the ladies involved is that they feel the group is a safe and secure place in which they can open up, which makes me so happy.

I myself suffer from severe fibromyalgia, CFS, Lymes, and arthritic joints. It has taken me over a year to build the confidence to set this group up but now that I have I am delighted. We would love for more ladies to join us, to build our community and share more experiences.

If you would like to have a look at my adventures you can find me on Instagram @jillyridesherway.

I look forward to meeting everyone in group chats and social rides. It’s a great group of ladies so please join us!! Click here 💛

Some of our strong ladies and their bikes pictured! 💛💛

*** I (and my FaceBook group) have no affiliation with Stolen Goat. I am a customer…  I purchase their cycling kit and love what they are about.

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